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Aug 13, 2022 at 6:06 PM
    1. a3.trion
      Thanks man. Appreciated.:thumbs2:
    2. Omega Charge
      Omega Charge
      Thanks man! Like yours too.
    3. Sideswipe80
      Thanks! Some pretty cool things there.
    4. Sideswipe80
      Yeah too bad I already have Jazz and Shockwave lol. But Onslaught looks cool. I agree with you about Arcee and Cliffjumper. Curious to see what the rest of the cons look like.
    5. Sideswipe80
      Cool thanks man. What do you think of Transformers Prime? I'm interested in it. I wish the roster had Jazz and Ironhide instead of Arcee and steroid Cliffjumper LOL. You still play WFC?
    6. Sideswipe80
      What Facebook page put those up? I'd like to see megs in color. Yeah that design is pure win. Sorry I couldn't scan it for you myself. That book is probably one of the best books ever.
    7. Sideswipe80
      yeah but it wasn't in color. And they showed more sketches for in AA2. Is that the official color?
    8. Sideswipe80
      Give me a few days. I'll see if I can find any online to download.
    9. Sideswipe80
      ARgh found my scanner but I don't have the installation cd with it. So I need to somehow find drivers and what not to get it to work.
    10. Sideswipe80
      My scanner is packed away, but maybe I can dig it out tomorrow after work. I don't remember where it's at exactly. He looks like Wingblade Prime a little but much bigger and has the square Powermaster body of the G1 version. He even has a visor like animated Prowl. Let me see what I can do.
    11. Sideswipe80
      I'd love to do some co-op with you and Transformed.
    12. Sideswipe80
      Love the sig pic. We need to play some WFC. You me and Transformed.
    13. Angelwave
      It's RequiemPrime. I sent you request via PSN today.
    14. Atlas Prime
      Atlas Prime
      WFC credits ftw!
    15. Sideswipe80
      Past the first 2 chapters. Pretty interesting.
    16. Sideswipe80
      Yeah well apparently if you do chapter select and do the last part of each mission it will count as beating hard w/out going thru the whole chapter again.
    17. Sideswipe80
      Yeah I got the book the other day been reading a little bit. Haven't gotten to far because of the game for PS3 and DS lol. Yeah I like Multiplayer. Still trying to find a good loadout. So far in TDM I have 163 kills and 140 deaths. Longest kill streak I had was 8. I'm going to work on those symbols probably last. I'm working on trying to beat the game on hard next.
    18. Sideswipe80
      How you like it so far? I love it. My game of the year.
    19. Sideswipe80
      I'm gonna check my Sears today, I pray they have it. Apparently Dead End and Zeta are playable in Escalation mode. Oh and someone on JustinTV was streaming his play through. I saw the Starscream boss battle. Those chapters are long.
    20. Sideswipe80
      LOL where they truly are cartoon fans lol
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