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Sep 9, 2020
    1. THEdeathsHEAD
      How's the VEHIPONTIACON project gong?
    2. Fallout
      hey man, ever think about commissions? :)
    3. vorox4251
      the other purpose is for me to know at the present time
    4. froggy124
      Hey mate!

      I was in Brissy before I moved to Japan, lovely place, would definitely live there if I didnt grow up in Perth.

      Ive been in Japan for about close to 6 years now, time flies!
      After uni, I did the whole English teaching thing for 4 years and loved it.
      But after getting married and having kids I needed something more stable, so I switched jobs and now Im in marketing and design (which is what I actually studied at uni, yay! not a useless degree after all!)

      If you ever have the chance to come to Japan, look me up! Ill be more than happy to give you a tour of the Japanese Toy capital of the world! Lots of awesome TFs, right at my doorstep! I mean, not having to order online or pay import prices for MPs and other Takara releases is really great!

      Actually a board member who is now a good friend visited last year, I took him around and we went on a TF toy hunt! Good times!
    5. OOSnake
      That might be a good idea.
    6. OOSnake
      Right! That makes sense now I'm reading it. Looks awesome. Found the pictures, I hadn't checked that far back, to get to the recent pictures that I assumed were the only ones, I had to go back throught like 3 pages.
    7. OOSnake
      You're welcome. Again, cannot overstate my satisfaction finally seeing the complete mini mp. What did you mean, the Wheeljack Assembly? I don't know what that means.
    8. OOSnake
      Decided to use a small bit of styrene though. I just have to find the figure, I left him around somewhere D:
    9. OOSnake
      Greenstuffed. I used greenstuff on it, it's a modelling putty thing.
    10. Superquad7
      Also, just know that attaching images to the post/inline attachment image links in the future will make my job just a little easier for resourcing :wink:
    11. Superquad7
      I sure did! Thanks for the head's up as well as your contribution! :)
    12. PeteAutobot
      Really cool customs...i hope to be able to do work like urs..looking forward in seeing your mini prime finished..
    13. jozaeh
      What does greenstuffed mean? And cool, i'd love to see a photo when it's done!
    14. OOSnake
      I greenstuffed it as I hadn't thought of that and wanted it done, you hadn't replied so I went with that. Anyway, once I complete it I'll upload it and you can see.
    15. jozaeh
      Hey OOSnake!
      Hmmm, I don't really know hey. I guess you could just shape spare plastic into two circles and glue them over bumblbee's eyes to make the visor? It would be detailed work, and tricky, but could work?
    16. OOSnake
      So I need some advice on a custom I'm doing, and since you're wokring at a small scale on Prime I thought your advice would be helpful. I'm 'transforming' Cyberverse Prime Bumblebee into Prime Hot Shot. The problem is his visor, which I'm stuck on how to go about, do you have any advice?
    17. jozaeh
      Ah well I haven't actually held the bulkhead in my hands, i've only ever seen him in the toy store. But I think I understand what you mean.

      Ahhh the ironhide figure! That's hilarious, I'm going to teach my brother how to paint a transformer one weekend, and that's the figure we have waiting for him to paint, ha! It's FANTASTIC hey. For the size the detail is insane! And yeah, it seems like for prime, they focussed on the truck mode mostly, and the robot mode came second. Bleagh!
    18. OOSnake
      I did by a cyberverse commander (Movie) Ironhide today. I'm really impressed by the representation, compared to Optimus. I mean, he's the leader, they should be focusing on him, but he's awful! Ironhide looks great!
    19. OOSnake
      What do you think of Bulkhead? I like him but I think he just looks too big.
    20. OOSnake
      Me too. He's so articulate, for a legion figure. I got one earlier and I'm painting him up to be more accurate to the show. Less metallic than glossy, though. One thing I dislike in customs is hyper-realism, if you understand. Most vehicles don't have metallic paint, it's glossy. The only cars I see that are metallic are fancy expensive sporty stuff.
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