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Jul 5, 2014
    1. ki1983ng
      Hi Jordan, I haven't been able to rectify the mold issues since I've started my job, so it probably won't be any time soon before I can produce a good quality sculpt.
    2. Cheetimus Prime
    3. jordanimus 1
      jordanimus 1
      Powerizer Bulkhead is soooo worth Having, trust me. I have a first edition and a Prid Bulkhead and like them both. Either one is a great toy. For a customizer PRIDs are awe because they are super easy to repaint and detail. Whether Hasbro or Takara, what ever paint apps they skippes you guys can add, ask Cheetimus Prime. just found Bulkhead yesterday morning. Came home from work and had ot repainyed ckmpletly and dry in about 6 to 7 hours . Heres a pic..more later.
    4. process
      If you dig through my thread, you should be able to find the answers you're looking for. In a nutshell: a light tent, two lights and Photoshop.
    5. JazzSanti86
      if your talking about the avatar, then you go to User CP and go to edit avatar.
    6. JazzSanti86
      I'm not sure.
    7. JazzSanti86
      Everything's pretty good on my end, just came back from a party. How about you?
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