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Mar 10, 2022
Jan 22, 2008
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Mar 10, 2022
    1. Transfan2
      Hi Joevill,
      It was nice to see you at Botcon again...hope your day is going well,
    2. Crazy Ramjetty
      Crazy Ramjetty
      how do you know me?
    3. Transfan2
      It was great to see you again this year Tony. Your mother says you plan on opening a store. That is awesome!
      Yep, It was neat to see you again too (along with the fact that I didn't mis-spoke your name this time) and yes on the store..which is going to be called "Transfan2's Shop N' Look"..yes, it is using my username for a store title.

    4. Smasher
      I had a GREAT time and I hope you did, too.
      I can't believe I got selected for the Peter Cullen autograph.

      I confess that I don't recognize you from your tag though.
    5. Lumpy
      yeah man, it was nice meeting you too.
    6. Agent Adam
    7. Lumpy
      hey, whats up?
    8. Big Filipino
      Big Filipino
      Overall it was a good Botcon. I wouldn't say it was the best one I've attended but certain aspects certainly stood out.
    9. Big Filipino
      Big Filipino
      Sup Joe. It was good to meet you and sit beside you through the custom class. Hopefully we can repeat next year! Til all are one!
    10. dragon516
      Thanks for the picture Joe. It was nice meeting and thanks for the help in the customizing class. Here's to hoping in getting in again next year. Right in my state next year. Woo hoo.
    11. GrantB
      It finally got humid and warm. 90 expected this weekend. Pleasantly mild Chicago summer until now.
    12. SpinalCord
      All I did was pack, pack, and pack. Now I'm unpacking. I moved. Summer sucked. Lol. You?
    13. SpinalCord
      LOL, yup... still looking for them skanks. How you doin'?
    14. GrantB
      Nothing interesting, but otherwise well. Waiting for all this RotF crap to blow over. In the meantime I've been hitting the Voltron. Cali's treating you okay, huh?
    15. xZAOx
      Eh, the coworkers just annoy me to no end. They make my life difficult. But that's how it goes.

      Not much on new toys - I've been picking up ROTF when I see it used for cheap or on clearance, but that's it. Haven't been too impressed by them yet (although I haven't opened Sideswipe yet, his toy looks pretty nice). I did finally get a Doublecross at a price I was happy with, and just won a Ransack finally - that takes my G1 list down to like 5 toys I think.

    16. Prime Evil
      Prime Evil
      What up Joe? I've been doing good man. Just still trying to find a place to live. How have you been bro?
    17. xZAOx
      I guess you could say I'm "doing well", in that I haven't killed certain coworkers - yet. How about you?
    18. Prime Evil
      Prime Evil
      Man, I don't know why, but now I'm looking for a Armada Megs Lucky Draw...That's gonna cost me an arm and a leg...if I can find one that is. I'm starting to doubt I can. This week, I'm on the hunt for ROTF Superion and Unv Darkwind.
    19. xZAOx
      Nope - I'm going to actually have to reorganize all of it to make room. When I originally laid it all out, I spread them out a bit. Now it's getting to where I have to bunch them up more, so I gotta reorganize every single shelf to claim extra space. And this weekend has been nothing but yard care (redoing the flower beds out front), and I'll have more to do for it this week, so it'll be a bit. I was able to put part of it the shelves, but the 09 and 05 box sets are jsut sitting on the table =P
    20. Prime Evil
      Prime Evil
      Nada man, I just got my Boxset that I mailed to myself today. Yeeeaaah!! Oh, I was sitting in my room, and just realized how many TF's I have acquired in the past month and a half. It's redonkulous!! The con didn't help at all. LOL!!

      So how are you doing? Did you set up all your stuff yet?
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