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    1. blurr03
      how do you get the clip in there? do you need to compress the ratchet somehow?
      1. Joalro
        I just compressed it with my fingers. I used a smalls screwdriver to just gently push the gear aside if it didn't move with the rest of them as I was compressing.
        Aug 20, 2018
    2. Moriarty
      What can I say, I'm a hard mistress. ;-)

      No problem. I think we could all do with a laugh after the drama of yesterday.
    3. Nachtsider
      Seconded. If collecting toy robots makes you rage, perhaps you ought to step away from the hobby for a while and feel ashamed of yourself.
    4. Moriarty
      Thread's closed but I found another one anyway. And it's madam to you. ;-)
    5. Nachtsider
      The dark room was lit only by a small candle, and the children huddled close to it in order to receive what little warmth they could. Their parents watched over their kids as they sat there, bravely, not a tear single tear shedding from any of their eyes. The father raised his head above the window sill, taking a quick look at the soldiers running past.

      Suddenly the entire house shook and people screamed outside. Everyone knew that a bomb had gone off, as bombs have been raining down on London for the first time in over a half century. The children huddled closer, comforting each other as they all questioned which family and friends might they have just lost...

      The father dropped to the floor in sorrow. His mind retraced the steps that begun this war. "If only..." he thought,"if only the United States got the Prime figures first... then their mistrust and hatred of other nations would not have built up so much..."
      I love you for this post, so wonderfully Dickensian in its tragicomedy. :lolol
    6. eagc7
      Uh.. really? I've never heard that before... though that would make sense. I'm pretty sure i've heard other official sources calling them the Arcee twins though.
      yes lennox was reffering to Skdis and mudflap then otehrwise why The twins showed up before the arcess chased after Sideways
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