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    1. Transfan2
      (No Worries Time Wise Jim, reply when you can will do ^^)

      Can't go wrong with Megatron, now, can you?

      Favorite Animated Toy (sorry, just saw that question)... it's a toss up between Swindle and Sentinel Prime. I like the small size on these guys, love how it manages to capture the aesthetic of Animated at such a reasonable price point.

      Indeed..He's one of my two favorites (2nd being Galvatron) and in Animated, he was pretty cool to both Leader Class Figure & The show.

      Animated-wise, nice me..I lend towards Swindle in that pick since I am a fan of Decepticons, but that's just me.

      Got the Legacy Art Book was pretty neat (especially Megatron & Galvatron Art...because those 2 are my favorites) and as the neatest one to me Art-wise..I let this pic tell it:


    2. Transfan2
      Just wanted to say Hi and ask "How has this week been going for you?"

      Got the TF Legacy Art Book Today and plan to check it out soon...I can say certainly from seeing the back (cover)...I love it a lot (mainly because it features (G1) Megatron, one of my 2 favorite Decepticons).

    3. Transfan2
      Thanks for the kind words. My favorite TF Animated character is Sentinel Prime, hands down. Getting to meet Townsend Coleman to put together the second book was probably the highlight of my year.
      Your welcome and thanks for the response on your favorite & I could see meeting the voice actor of Sentinel Prime being a highlight indeed *nods*

      Though my other Animated Question for the moment..what is your favorite Animated Toy?

      Here's mine:

    4. Transfan2
      Wanted to say Hi and see how your week has been going.

      first 2 Animated Almanacs were neat (including seeing Megatron that didn't get was sad since I am a Megatron fan..but I got to see it ^^) and good luck with Combined Edition.

      As a Fun..but optional question..what is your favorite character from Animated?

    5. Logos Minor
      Logos Minor
      Dude, the Allspark Almanac is an amazing book. I really enjoyed reading through it, and it really rekindled my love for TFs. I'm getting into Animated even more cause of it. All I can say is thank you.
    6. SPLIT LIP
      l What he said, x11 from me.
    7. Nachtsider
      Your Allspark Almanac is a fantastic book. :rock
    8. Beastbot X
      Beastbot X
      No, thank YOU (and everyone that you worked with) for the incredibly awesome TF book. I still have a hard time believing this book is actually real and not a nerdy hallucination.

      Heck, I still get a case of the giddies whenever I see my name for Lugnut's attack in print, in an official product (I was the one who came up with the P.O.K.E./Punch of Kill Everything name).
    9. Superquad7
      Welcome to TFW2005! I really hope to pick up some of your work at some point (read: finances), and it looks like you've helped do a terrific job on the recent Allspark Almanac :thumb

      Feel free to surf Radicons and if there is anything we can do to enrich your TF experience any, don't hesistate to pm me :thumb
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