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    1. eagc7
    2. eagc7
      especially now that we might not even see Bee nor Prime in TF4.
      Optimus and Bumblebee are returning for TF4.
    3. eagc7
      Yeah dude I know, this is getting ridiculous!!!!!
      WTDylio is a girl
    4. eagc7

      so which of those ones u havent read
    5. eagc7
      we have for Movie 1
      Movie Prequel Issue 1-4
      Movie Prequel Special
      Saga of the Allspark Issue 1-4 (issue 4 is not canon)
      Ghost of Yesterdays
      The Reign of Starscream Issue 1-5

      for ROTF
      Defiance Issue 1-4
      Alliance Issue 1-4
      The Veiled Threat
      Tales of the Fallen Issue 1-6
      Nefarious Issue 1-6
      Unite for the Universe Issue 1-3
      Cyber Missions Episode 1-13

      for DOTM
      Sector 7 Issue 1-5
      Foundation Issue 1-4
      Rising Storm Issue 1-4
      Space Case
      Covergence Chapter 1-4
    6. eagc7
    7. eagc7
      i can tell you all Prequels that its out
    8. eagc7
      wanna read all comics? (even if yo uread them already?)
    9. eagc7
      i have them all (expect the DOTM Target Exclusive comics (expect the space case one but in spanish)) on my computer
    10. eagc7
      just wanna be sure, which prequels u read so far
    11. eagc7
    12. eagc7
      have u read any of the Movieverse prequels?
    13. eagc7
    14. eagc7
      Dude you read my mind
      Trans+Crazy is a girl :P
    15. TylerMirage
      I don't even know the name of the bridge. :lol It's just a little bridge that has big steel pillars and rivets and such. I doubt this will mean much to you, but I go to NAIT (Northern Alberta Institute of Technology) in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.
      Maybe I shouldn't have posted that online? :lol ;)
    16. TylerMirage
      WHO?!!?! :lol There was just something too "artsy" about the photos unfortunately. And of course the concept itself was too good to be true. :( Oh well...

      On a somewhat related note, every time I take the bus to school in the morning, we drive over a large metal bridge (vaguely similar to the Chicago bridges in DotM). You don't have to be a genius to guess that I imagine Optimus and Sentinel going at it on that bridge. ;)
    17. TylerMirage
      No worries, Jimmy. :) Thanks for the info!

      Yeah, I took a gander at them. That's so cool. But they're quite stylized photos, which leads the cynic in me to automatically dismiss it as "Photoshopped!". But hey, I'll think they're for real. You should definitely head down there yourself and check them out. It'd be so awesome. :D Shame that there's no tombstone for Ironhide. :(

      Thanks again for the info. :)
    18. TylerMirage
      Hello, Jimmy! I was wondering if I could tap your apparent Chicago-smartz for a moment. I tried asking this question in a thread, but it got no responses.

      When Optimus/Megatron/Sentinel engage in their final confrontation on the bridge, is that the same bridge that the soldiers were trying to get to lower earlier in the film, the one that Dutch manages to hack into? Or is it a different bridge? And what is the name of said bridge? Michigan Avenue Bridge? State Street Bridge?

      Any light you can shed on this subject would be greatly appreciated. :)

      And yes, I have tried to Google the answers.
    19. megatroptimus
      A bit under $100 shipped EMS!
    20. Cracka J
      Cracka J
      I'm out in the suburbs man. The walmart in rolling meadows had the shockwaves and skyhammers, if you feel like taking an even longer drive the one in vernon hills was stocked with everything (voyagers,deluxes,leaders,etc) when I went there last saturday. Not much else around the area though.
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