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Nov 12, 2018
Feb 7, 2009
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transformers fan 4 life, Male, 54, from fitchburg.ma

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Nov 12, 2018
    1. Fisitronus
      lol enjoy! :D
    2. OptimussSTAR
      I will keep you in our prayers so everything is alright, we are originally from New Jersey, my brother still lives there with his family
    3. OptimussSTAR
      Oh lots of twists concerning Megs, but the real villain is Silas because of his twisted ideas, no I actually don't have any pictures of my collections. Perhaps while we are packing we will make a list and then when re are unpacking then we will get them organized for pictures.
      myself, husband and my mom (She lives with us) are moving to another house, we are still staying in Nevada just another house, we are tired of the ghost problem in this house its driving us nuts this section of town is kinda known for it we later learned lol
      The person who is buying the house actually can't buy the house until after he is done filming he works with Micheal Bay he is a cameraman. Yeah we know a lot of people living out here. I have been great friends with Eliza Dushku, she is the one who got my Transformers stories noticed from Hasbro. It's my husband who knows Michael Bay though not me. I would love to meet Peter Cullen though, I think he is such a talented man and nice from what I am told.
    4. josh5837
    5. OptimussSTAR
      thanks, lol yeah I do throw twists from the movies with my own version of i or how it should have gone I like seeing megs and Optimus work things out in my stories
    6. OptimussSTAR
      my husband posted an update on his story have you seen that one yet its rather funny
    7. OptimussSTAR
      lol yea the one story I am doing will be done soon, I am running out of ideas for it lol My husband is having a ball with his story lol
    8. Cmdr Prime
      Cmdr Prime
      Thanks for the info Jgoss I have read a little bit of them. You weren't kidding there fantastic
    9. Cmdr Prime
      Cmdr Prime
      Can't complain Jgoss. Yeah I like a bit of fan fiction.

      Also I have been watching TF Prime via You-Tube, because of the time difference I pick up the episodes on Saturday then down load them via Livid
    10. Fisitronus
      Hey! jusst wanted to let you know that the next chapter of my fanfic is up! XD
    11. OptimussSTAR
    12. OptimussSTAR
      okay take care have a good night
    13. OptimussSTAR
      yea I had seen in a clip they were using the corcal patch thingie
    14. OptimussSTAR
      yea but he was popular on other series and they killed him off granted they brought him back but whoever they kill off now they said wouldn't be back, I don't know I hope you're right.
      Today's episode looked hysterical in the coming attractions
    15. OptimussSTAR
      cool, my little niece is supposed to be over on the Friday they are running the new one and she absolutely loves Optimus and I dread if they kill off Optimus she will be so upset if they do of course I will not be happy about it either
    16. OptimussSTAR
      that is one I am working on its a bayverse transformers prime one speaking of which did you watch transformer prime episode yet for today I haven't yet
    17. OptimussSTAR
      did you know you can download fanfiction to you computer to keep the stories you like right?


      I have this little handy program, you can download as anything even for nook or kindles
    18. OptimussSTAR
      yes see, so you see then he put his heart and soul into that story, he's written a few sci fi stories for a magazine a long time ago so he knows how to write lol
    19. OptimussSTAR
      I like my husband's story so far, even though I sat there crying through that preface like a little baby lol
    20. OptimussSTAR
      hey I didnt see you had replied, how are you?
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    Sep 16, 1965 (Age: 54)
    like the title says tf fan 4 life! i will never get sick of transformers! it just makes me feel like a little kid!