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Jun 27, 2013
    1. Wars
      Dude, did you move back to Ireland?! A while ago it said you were in Canada, I think.
    2. -Wreckage-
      check out my comic? (sig)
    3. Brolga01
    4. zero minor
      zero minor
      hay man hows it hanging cool to meet you
    5. -Wreckage-
      got anything to sell? TF figures?
    6. -Wreckage-
      Yo, got anything to "sell?"

    7. PyroniusRex
      Sup dude, I really like your new avatar.
    8. Peaugh
      Well, I *DID* say it would be AFTER I won the lottery! :lol
    9. Peaugh
      Awesome. I absolutely ADORED Galway. If I ever win the lottery, we plan to move there, et a little place just on the south side of Galway proper so we're near Galway and it's an easy drive up one of the only actual highways we saw that week to get to Shannon Airport :lol
    10. Peaugh
      We loved it! We stayed at a small inn about halfway between Shannon Airport and Innis, and daytripped for the week we were there. We went to the islands, Galway, Doolin, Bunratty, Limerick and spent a fair amount of time in Innis itself.
    11. GAUGE
      Aside from regular copy paper or the occasional sketch pad sometimes.

      I Mainly use Photoshop CS
    12. realCliffjumper
      Hey, I jsut posted a synopsis in the thread. It is like on the 10th page.
    13. dsn1014
      I've no idea when we can expect to see Swindle and Blurr, which is a shame coz I'd love Swindle, he'd have a safe home in mine. Modelmania in Dublin would be your best bet for sure. I see you signed up on TFOI, I'm there under derek. But anyway, I know Dublin is off the beaten track, but if you pm 'just another stupid online name'(Jason) he might be able to work getting and posting them to you. But I don't think he does laser, so a bank draft or cheque or something will have to do, that is if you can't get to Dublin.
    14. dsn1014
      very possible man, though I think there may be one or two others who don't have it in their profiles, like the guy who was telling you about the shop in Dublin. also there's another from Antrim as well, we're not a huge community, I'm sure there's more though
    15. dsn1014
      no surprise there, cheers anyway
    16. Red leader
      Red leader
      Hi there, I'm not sure what a laser card is, we do online payments and paypal so i assume it should, I cant see laser on the accepted cards but you can have a look for yourself and see.

      If there is anything I can help with just give me a shout, thanks mate

      Andy :)
    17. dsn1014
      Student by day, barman by night, has me clock fukd. No worries bout the stock man. Aye Galway is a great town for the buzz.
    18. Jetcols
      Ha i only got about 12 anyways I like your style of staying up til half 3 on net! I;m in NUIG. I gotta go cos work tomorrow, I'l check for any new stock but doubt there will be laters!
    19. dsn1014
      I'm doiwn in Carlow, yourself? My collection has built up over the years, but mostly from buying what was in the shops here and the occasional special one when it catches me eye, I've no idea about numbers.
    20. Jetcols
      Yeah I just registered there. Cool thanks man. Where do you go to college? how big is your collection?
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