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Intergalactic SUV

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Sep 19, 2014
    1. process
      I'm posting my response to your PM here, since it appears your inbox is full.

      Hello hello.

      I would generally agree with what anubis20 said, which is to say, they're not good. The echo his points, the plastic is very thin and light. The joints are either too tight or too loose. Some connection points, in particular the way the grip attaches to the guns, are very fragile and don't peg together securely. The barrel can hold a pose, but is indeed somewhat floppy and doesn't tab in anywhere. The connectors for vehicle mode, at least on the chrome version, are extremely tight.

      I bought the chrome set for my DMK Prime, although I had hoped I could also use them with my Buster Prime. I will probably use them exclusive with my DMK Prime now, since it does not seem like they would hold up under much play. I have not bothered to replace the chrome smokestacks for the reason above.

      Hope that helps.

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