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    1. Moonracer1999
      hello. I'm revoltech coneheads and wheeljack's author. Thank you for your compliments on them. I designed more roles. Include:(Sideswipe Sunstreaker Mirage Ultra Magnus Hound Shockwave Soundwave Sixshot Chromedome Cerebros....) Although I do not know if anyone will like them. haha.
      This is my facebook name and Email: [email protected]
      What needs or help please contact me.
      best regards
    2. vvvTheONEvvv
      haha, stick with the wraith approach... comicon chicks will dig it
    3. vvvTheONEvvv
      yo bro - your pic... you look like a freakin' Wraith! that's awesome!
    4. krenger99
      Thanks for the Welcome, bro! It seems these discussions can get heated, lol. Good to know not everyone is a band-wagoner.;)
    5. netkid
      Who is the dude in your avatar?
    6. Roger Semerad
      Roger Semerad
      sorry it took so long, but I posted up the images you were asking for in the Macross thread. It's in the toyark section of the forum.
    7. Roger Semerad
      Roger Semerad
      I had forgotton to tell you how big the 1/60 VF-1 was in the private message. It's slightly taller than MP-11, but has less mass to it. If you want to see the pics I've got of them just tell me and I'll post them in the Macross Thread.
    8. bulletthebluesky
      Ahh, that's cool, been through Escanaba plenty if times too. Good to see another yooper. Lol
    9. bulletthebluesky
      What part of the U.P. are you from? I'm originally from Norway (near Iron Mountain).
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