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Apr 9, 2013
Mar 29, 2012
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The new kid on the block.

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Apr 9, 2013
    1. Galvanitro
      We're not adding new players into the RPG right at this second; but I'll let you know when we do! :)
    2. eagc7
      i'll check it when i can :)
    3. eagc7
    4. eagc7
    5. TylerMirage
      Beast Wars was the start of it. I watched BW when I was around 5-7 years old, even though it really didn't "clue in" that it was Transformers-related. I just watched it because "Oh cool that gorilla transformed into a robot and look at the dinosaur and I want the dragon toy!". :lol Then once RID came out I started to delve deeper into Transformers and find out more. And of course with every new series my interest and passion grew. :)
    6. legolas grof
      legolas grof
      Thank you! You too! Enjoy your stay! :D
    7. TylerMirage
      Ah, RID and BM. Those are some good'ins, that's for sure. :) Yeah, it's definitely a great place for TransFans.
    8. legolas grof
      legolas grof
      I am doing pretty good. How are your doing?
    9. legolas grof
    10. TylerMirage
      Good to hear. :) Be polite, be respectful and those "nice people" you speak of will continue to be around.

      Now, I don't want to sound like a parent instructing a child, but just a friendly reminder to peruse the board regulations and rules (pertaining to zombie threads, spam, what to post about and not to post about), just to get acquainted with what's acceptable and what's not. I just don't want to see a new member like you called out by us grumpy old curmudgeons on doing something that annoys us/the forums frown upon. *grumbles about kids on his lawn* ;)

      So, anyway, what got you into Transformers, my man? What's your main interest here?
    11. TylerMirage
      Hey, man. How's it going? How is your first little bit here on the site? :)
    12. JBerryFTW
      This site is fun and cool
    13. JBerryFTW
    14. eagc7
    15. JBerryFTW
      hows it goin?
    16. eagc7
    17. JBerryFTW
      Hello :thumbs2:
    18. eagc7
    19. jackgaughan
      Edd Gould was a flash animator from the UK who made the insanely popular web series "Eddsworld", it starred him and his 3 (Now 2) Friends, Tom, Matt and Tord (Who left in pursuit of other projects). On 25th of March Edd passed away after 6 year battle with Leukaemia.
    20. JBerryFTW
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