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Jun 28, 2014
Jan 14, 2012
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Mrs FatalT, 40

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Jun 28, 2014
    1. DJW107PRIME
    2. DJW107PRIME
      Happy birthday Jazzhunter83.
    3. Gordon_4
      Congratulations to you and Fatal on the birth of your daughter :). My wife and I are expecting twins in August :p
    4. DJW107PRIME
      Hey happy belated birthday friend I hope all is well with you and FT and your wee ones present & soon to be. Hope you got every thing you wanted cause you deserve it all.:bday
    5. BeeOtch217
      Good luck with the little one!
    6. General Magnus
      General Magnus
      Happy marriage! :D
    7. Gordon_4
      I know it's probably gonna be a while before you both see this, what with embarking on a new chapter in your lives and all, but....

      Good luck and safe travels guys - you're both really excellent people and I wish the best for you :thumb
    8. Gingerchris
      Indeed. Although maybe a far bigger and spikier Transformers instead. A Leader Class figure from BayFormers perhaps? If you're going to make someone's eyes pop out you may as well make them come out all the way. :p

      Thankfully my TF collection escaped intact. And my current lovely lady has added to it for me several times. I've made far too many mistakes with picking women in the past so it's nice to have seemingly gotten it right this time.
    9. General Magnus
      General Magnus
      She gave it :p
    10. Predaking
      Thank you so much for your kind words. Unfortunately whenever I talk or write about myself I'd focus more on the negative stuff. It's a bad habit that is not easy to get rid of but I am trying. Your compliments mean a lot to me. Thanks again.
    11. Bumblebee765
      Yepp! :lol I've never heard that saying, but I'm sure you're right! :wink:
    12. Bumblebee765
      Eh, weirdos don't need a why, I suppose. Ha-ha, guess so! :lol
    13. Bumblebee765
      Hey Jazz, I just read your thread in General Discussion. Sorry about your crazy ex troubles. :( I hope things get better for ya, and soon!
    14. mandiprime97
      I'm pretty good, how are you? And don't worry, we all get sidetracked every now and then :)
    15. Bumblebee765
      That's great! I'm wishing you two luck! :) I'm doing pretty good too!
    16. Bumblebee765
      Hey Jazzy, how's everything been? :)
    17. Blackout32
      Hello friend,
      I replyed back to you on your thread and if I was you I would get some type of protection. Their is nothing wrong in that cause at night is when alot of bad things happen at least in my own thoghts. If my GF had to work in a place I knew that was unsafe at night I would make sure she had tools to defend herself. I just wanted to let you know that these are things I would do.
    18. mandiprime97
      Hey there JazzHunter :)
    19. Fallout
      i know lol
    20. Fallout
      iunno how to put it... you're like... super not-trashy. you're all proud and in charge and not a wuss, but like 10 times that lol
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