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    1. Fanatic97
      Are you still looking for a Hound?

      I have one that's broken but the upper bodies good. I can give you the whole thing.
    2. bladerunner313
      I also have generations red alert
    3. nobleboivin
      How much for Ratchet. I'd like a nicer looking one then what I have.
    4. Bumblebee765
      Yeah, I hear ya. Well, good luck on them just the same! :)
    5. Bumblebee765
      I'm still a fan of the movie aesthetic, but I can understand why you wouldn't be. Nice! I've seen some of your customs, and they rock! :rock
    6. Bumblebee765
      The Dark of the Moon Guzzle was good, but he just doesn't fit with other Generations Wreckers, so yeah, we need him too.
    7. Bumblebee765
      Yeah, I'm really glad I waited now (I always prefer Hasbro to 3rd party, and not just for the prices! :lol), now we just need the other Last Stand Wreckers! Rotorstorm and Ironfist first! :D
    8. Bumblebee765
      I've been looking at Warbot for a while, but I just can't afford 3rd party prices, so I'm pretty glad I didn't cave on him! :lol I find with skinny legs, they usually look really bad in stock photos (Fall of Cybertron Jazz/Sideswipe), but in person they're not as bad, so I think that will be the case with Springer. :wink:
      Does Warbot lack what you see in a Wrecker, or does Springer? (I think one of my favorite parts about Springer is that he's clearly Last Stand inspired! :D)

      Oh yeah, all the new Generations I'm looking forward to a lot! Trailcutter and Orion Pax may wait until clearance to enter my collection, but one way or another they'll get in! :D
    9. Bumblebee765
      Hey javaco, my fellow Wrecker! Are you excited about that new Voyager Springer? :drool: (Not to mention all the other reveals! :D)
    10. Bumblebee765
      I'll still be getting them! Until I can make good customs they'll be my "Classics" Wreckers! :D
      By the way, your customs rock! Have you seen the new Generations Hot Spot? Look at his head, it looks almost exactly like Pyro's. :wink:
    11. Bumblebee765
      Impactor, Twin Twist, Topspin, Roadbuster, and Whirl. They're all remolds of the FoC Combaticons. :wink: Also, if you go into other Generations lines there's Springer and Sandstorm in the formerly Asia exclusive figures! :D
    12. Bumblebee765
      Hey man, are you as excited as I am for those new Generations Wreckers?! :D
    13. Bumblebee765
      Hey javaco, how's it going? :)
    14. Bumblebee765
      Yeah, I really wanted the more "war-torn" look. legolas grof made it for me!
    15. Bumblebee765
      hey man, what do you think of my avatar? I wanted a variation of the standard Wreckers logo. :D
    16. Bumblebee765
      That it would be! Can't wait to add this to my Wreckers! :D
    17. Bumblebee765
      I checked out some of your Wreckers customs! Nice work man! You've inspired me to try to start on my Wreckers customs! :thumb
    18. Bumblebee765
      It tells you what happens to Springer in one of the hardcover extras, which I'll scan and send to you later today. :wink:
      Edit: Unfortunately I wasn't able to scan that one; my scanner wouldn't pick it up well enough to read, so if you want me to tell you what happened to him tell me.
    19. Bumblebee765
      Okay then! :lol
    20. Bumblebee765
      It would be! Especially Rotorstorm! He's a character that I really wanted to care about his death, but his character just wasn't there to me...
      Also, what happened to Springer? Does he ever come back into operation? (If it would spoil something though, don't tell me...)
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