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the guy with that scan, 48

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Nov 12, 2017
    1. Belgrath
      Happy late birthday!
    2. Bryan
      Saw a Medicaid patient today who had received diclofenac for shoulder pain, but threw it away because the "warning said it could cause heart attacks." Predictably, she then wanted hydrocodone, 'cause "that always works for my pain."

      But the best part? With a completely straight face, she said "if I'd paid for the pills with my own money, I probably wouldn't have thrown them out, but since they were free, when I freaked out I just tossed them in the trash."

      Verbatim, I swear. I wanted to tattoo TINSTAAFL on her forehead with a syringe full of pen ink right there.
    3. Bryan
      You have a very distinctive, but very awesome, taste in film.

      Primer is excellent.
    4. SydneyY
      Thanks, but I really can't read much. I'm getting somewhat accustomed to katakana, and it's easy enough to find katakana -> romaji conversion charts on the web. Kanji's still a near-total mystery to me.
      I remember Nevermore made one a long time ago, too (it can be found at tfarchive). He did a good job.

      I'm trying to get SOME knowledge before my trip to Japan in (I hope) November.

      Is that the way "Thundercracker" has typically been written by Takara? It looks like it says "sandaakuratsukaa". The presence of the "tsu" puzzles me -- I'd think "sandaakurakaa" would be much closer in pronunciation to the English.
      That is small (or half) " ッ" and it generally represent "ck" sound and "short vowel + t/k etc".
      Example; kick → キック rock → ロック
      ; jet → ジェット  book → ブック Boba Fett → ボバ フェット :lol

      Hope you'll get to go :) We have shocked to have found out that it's going to be like $6000 for 4 of us to fly there.
    5. SydneyY
      You still want that toy?
    6. Runamuck
      You have good taste in womenz. Keep the pics comin'! :D
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