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    1. eagc7
      movie science! No consequences when exposed to the vaccuum of space?
      you may not know it, but what we saw in the movie is an real life accurate depiction of what happens when you are out there in space without protection, its not movie science
    2. uruseiranma
      Nice to hear. I'm surprised only two have commented on Grumpy Cat.

      I only change these around if I have an idea for something I haven't seen done before...and at the end, that whole : "...when did Optimus get rocket boots?" question made me think of the sig.
    3. Omnius
      I have to high-five you for that reply. :D
    4. Fallout
      ohgod, your sig

      the lols were plentiful
    5. Fifam94
      Nice sig!
    6. romeosrealmshop
      Hi Friend, I havent heard from you in a while, the wife and i have been away but wanted to say hello cuz i noticed your name and remembered ya. Hope to hear from ya man, i am gonna make a thread in the near future so We could Transformer Chat,
      Have a great 1 Bro,
    7. 77camaro
      Hey matt whats going on its Travis from TFcon. I was wondering if I could add you on facebook if you had one so we could stay in contact better.
    8. Grimwing
      Good morning. Anything new?

      I Can't find reveal the shield stuff anywhere at retail yet.
      Just fiddling with firetrap, duststorm, and deluxe rescue ratchet on the desk.
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