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Oct 10, 2022
Mar 5, 2008
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Oct 10, 2022
    1. suryo
      Hi. I saw a few years ago you were selling the Amazing Devastator Custom that you did. Did you wind up selling him or keeping him. He's awesome. If by any chance he's still for sale, I'd like to know. Good work on your customs!
    2. jAaMbot800
      Good job on Devastator!!! I am planning just a repaint, with the wrecing balls of course.
    3. hthrun
      There's a group here you may like: TFW2005 - The 2005 Boards - Christian TF Fans
    4. Blasterpill
      Continue your Fathers work.
    5. hthrun
      Awesome! After college and before our kids came I was mostly acting for a small Christian theater group that started from a church. There was one main person who wrote his own plays, like you're doing now. It disbanded a few years ago now...
      I'm hoping that as the kids get older I'll be able to get back into acting some more. We took them to a Cinderella play a couple cousins of ours were in and they enjoyed watching it :)
    6. hthrun
      I just saw your latest post in your Optimus trailer thread. I enjoy theater, too, but haven't done any acting since my first son was born over seven years ago now. My two younger brothers, on the other hand, both majored in theater and remain active in it...
    7. Constructor
      I was thinking, if I were to make a Overload custom, should I use fast-action battler long haul as a base to help differentiate him from long haul, or should I use a voyager long haul for better scale?
    8. Constructor
      Hey Janeails22x, would you be able to make a transformers prime themed movie bonecrusher?
    9. UltraMagnus2008
      My name is Tim Aselton if you want shoot me a friend request and I'll add you, most of us in the group go by our real names, and we have fan pages :)
    10. UltraMagnus2008
      Are you on facebook dude? Id love to add you to our customizing group!
    11. Ironhide1706
      Great to hear! I'll be checking in whenever I can, that's for sure. I'm sure it will all go well for you, especially with such a great child around! It's always nice to have a baby that doesn't scream! :lol

    12. Ironhide1706
      You have got to be the craziest, most insanely brilliant customized I've ever known. Seriously if you pull that off...it's going to be legendary just like your Devastator. Also I never got the chance to congragulate you on your baby girl, I hope she's a joy! :)

    13. barricade643cus
      Me? i would get 1 ultimate prime and build the italeri trailer round it/on it or use ultimate prime's trailer as a guide, best of both world cos lets face it, ultimate primes trailer as a trailer is pants, there...i said it, lol
    14. barricade643cus
      Good choice my friend and whatever road you go down i will help you with a light setup.
    15. barricade643cus
      I bought it from ebay, it cost me £30 and i looked on ebay just now and i can see 1 in the U.S if you are located there. They seem to be quite rare.
    16. barricade643cus
      If it helps the trailer i bought was an italeri 1/24 american cargo trailer. the cargo unit of the trailer comes in 10 pieces, 2 for the roof, 2 for the left side and so on. If you build that Trailer Flight Suit my jaw will hit the floor quicker than the first time i saw Megan Fox bent over bumblebee's hood.
    17. barricade643cus
      I watch the video for the movie accurate Devastator.....:bowdown:
    18. KnightHawkke
      What is this? someone from Ashcan! :eek: I live reallly close to that general area.
    19. legolas grof
      legolas grof
      Wow, that sounds awsome! I can't wait to see it. Good luck!
    20. Moy
      check these out.. :)

      That Mack truck is huge! The wheel loader is right next to it!
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