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Robot Lords of Tokyo, SMILE! Taste Kittens…, Male, 46, from SCPA

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    1. CURAMEN
      Hey there! You’re mailbox is full. I’ll take that Lockdown figure you just posted.
      1. jametron
        Sorry about that… have a cleared up a bit now!
        Oct 9, 2021
    2. KuleGuy123
      Thanks dude for the help
    3. jru42287
      I suppose you're right, but I guess it's as complete as we'll get for now...
    4. jru42287
    5. jru42287
      That pic seemed to pop up out of nowhere, but I loved it, so I had to use it! It's clearly from the first movie, which you can tell by Bee's chest design, but I don't remember seeing it early on either.
    6. jru42287
      They both still need a few tweaks (such as the "A Michael Bay film" tag and whatnot), but this is what I've got so far:Imgur: The most awesome images on the Internet. Obviously, they're nothing special, and I've really just been working on the text overlay, but...

      Eventually, maybe I'll make a couple for RotF and DotM too, since I wasn't overly fond of the ones they came with.
    7. jru42287
      Also, I don't know if you've got album art for any of these, but I've got a cool one I made for the first TF CS, and I'm working on one for AoE, if you're interested.
    8. jru42287
      Awesome, man! Thank you so much! I actually do have a FFS login, but I just always forget about it. I'll have to keep a better eye out for stuff I'm looking for on there. I'm sure you've got all you need from there, but if there's anything I can ever help you find, let me know!
    9. jru42287
      That would be awesome! ^-^

      I should be good as far as the other movies go. The only thing I could think of off the top of my head is if you have a better version of the music from RotF when they find Jetfire and when he's rattling off his story about the Primes when they first go to Egypt. Those two tracks from mine sound muffled for whatever reason.
    10. jru42287
      I don't suppose you'd be willing to share again, wouldja? =)

      I downloaded all of them at the time Paramount had them up, but I just don't have the time to go through and clean up all the tracks! It's still somewhat of a work in progress for 1-3 lol.
    11. jru42287
      Do I remember you posting a link to an edited and cleaned up version of the AoE complete score, or am I completely making shit up in my head?
    12. Snake_eyes1975
      LiveLeak.com - Indesputable proof of Russian Invasion of Ukraine Using secret weapons
    13. Snake_eyes1975
      have you seen that Thomas combiner KO? Check Ebay. by the time I knew of it, my son was getting out of it. I should still get him one.
    14. Fallout
      lol nah, i want one i can install the Tf1 thundercracker's head on. thwre actually was a dotm voyager tho, he was just a grey and red repaint of the rotf voyager exclusive to target.
    15. Fallout
      LOL yeah it sucks but he's a good enough toy i don't mind buying a new one. especially since target had them on sale
    16. Fallout
      powerglide looks so good...
    17. jametron
      Yeah Arcee, Chromia, Bombshell and Powerglide for sure!
    18. Fallout
      seen anything at botcon you want?
    19. Fallout
      not bad. pretty content with all the toys i'm gettin lately lol
    20. Fallout
      hey man, how ya doin?
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