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    1. Calculus Prime
      Calculus Prime
      Been following the site for a few years, saw some members are possibly in Japan, so signed up to reach out. I assume this is how I message you. Are you in Japan? If so, where? I am in Okinawa.
      1. jamarmiller
        Yeah I’m in Fukuoka ! Been here since 2005
        Mar 25, 2022
      2. Calculus Prime
        Calculus Prime
        Nice! Glad to see another TF enthusiast in the somewhat same neighborhood.
        Question, what method do you use for securing the Walmart, Target, Buzzworthy, and soon the Velocitron exclusive lines of figures? Importer? Just wait for TakaraTomy release? (Sorry, I know I am just making the assumption that you are a hardcore, collect em all TF collector with my question.)
        Mar 26, 2022
      3. jamarmiller
        When there is something like that i want , for example the latest target exclusive Silverstreak , I check Robotkingdom first .I almost never wait for Takara Tomy , sometimes they get things sometimes they don’t. I also have a package shipping service in the USA that I send packages to and ship here every 45 days just in case Robotkingdom don’t get it in .
        Mar 26, 2022
    2. jamarmiller
      hahahaha no , no grandkids, I am just a person who is always thinking WAY into the future. When I was 15 I was thinking about MY retirement , saving money, investing , and yes buying a set(sets) of g1 toys to give to my future kids ( which I would not have for another 17 years LOL ). Before my kids even turned 3 their 6 years of university in the USA was paid for along with THEIR RETIREMENT accounts.

      So no grandkids, just a future thinker

      buy the presents now, so when I am an old man, what money I have I can spend on myself and not feel guilty not splurging at that moment on my grandkids
    3. [Wing_Saber-X]
      You've got grandkids at your age ?!
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