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    1. Pinpoint
      I saw that alphatron creep is on your friends list. Take him off.

      He targets female (or supposedly female) users, prying into their personal info and trying to hook up with them. He came after me once (even though I'm not female) and tried guilt tripping me into adding him onto his friend list. I managed to stop him, but I went through his VMs and a lot of the convos he has with other users are pretty invasive.

      He's banned right now, but he'll probably be back. Just avoid him.
    2. Autoboticon
      That's great.
    3. Autoboticon
      You should get Dishonored.

      It may be short, but the replay value and sheer fun it has is phenomenal. Also with the DLC pack (which are really cheap) you can get even more fun with Knife of Dundwall (story campaign) and Dundwall City Trials (an arena mode with eight different arcade games that supply endless fun.

      The achievements and trophies (if you go for that stuff) really do make you play the game more or once.

      I mean, each level has about 8 different ways to execute your plan, so there is always room to try out something new.

      The story, characters and scenery are also really fun.
    4. ironjazz
      happy new year
    5. eagc7
    6. eagc7
    7. eagc7
      Damn it put in spoiler tags! I didn't even see it yet! :mad
      He was joking, that dosent happen

      but [SPOILER]
    8. eagc7
    9. eagc7
      No i Havent, But i Do Post on the Forum When im Asking a Question of the Show. Or i Just Reply When SOmeone asking a Question (i have not seen the hsow but i Always Keep eyes for the news of every tf Related thing (Including Prime) so if they are asking about a Release date i reply, if acotu a vocie actor i reply. Why No New Eps were released i Reply Since i Check the news of every transformers stuff (including Prime)

      but no i havent Seen the Show
    10. eagc7
      Okay. So whatsup?
    11. eagc7
      Um...No, Why you ask?
    12. eagc7
      Well then you're a cliff hater if you hate how he looks.
      um no. i jsut hate the look of "this" cliffjumper

      i like the previosu cliffjumper looks

      Look i hate Prime arcee look EVEN ARCEE IS MY FAV TF, so just cause i hate that bot look in certain incarnation dosent means im an hater of that bot
    13. eagc7
      WTF is that supposed to mean? Lots of unneeded "wuner" stuff attached.
    14. eagc7
      true (has blum scremaer voice was awful and his Desing was Awful aswell but hey everyoen has their opinions)
    15. eagc7
      okay. but what i was saying its that i did no liek scremaer desing and voice
    16. eagc7
      no reply? :(
    17. eagc7
      i always Wondered what you meant with
      Don't judge things by how they look. Also fix your spelling and grammar.
      on that STarscream vocie Thread?
    18. Dran0n
    19. Dran0n
      Your sig is awesome sauce in a pencil barrel.
    20. eagc7
      i type so fast
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