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    1. BLOODRAGED189
    2. swampert123
    3. Lupis Convoy
      Lupis Convoy
      I wasn't? Wow, I have to rail on Vangelus for that one!

      You think after all of this time, I would have remembered the title. :lol I just think of it as ROTF....I'm so bad.
    4. Aigis
    5. MegaHavok
    6. imwthstpd
    7. newguy
      If you have a silver sharpie pickup the classics. He has a blue face and can only turn his head 360. The blue windows will grow on you so dont worry about those, and his arm can only bend about 87 degrees at the elbow. The movie figures are great. the transformation can be a pain in the butt, and the hood in truck mode (his back in robot mode) will pop off. that always happens with my premium and off road Ironhide. All of them are great figs, but i think the henkie classics Ironhide is better. Pretty much all the other series with Ironhide made him horriblyexcept for G1, but thats because its the original. they didnt give him a head on the g1 fig so you would want to buy one of the little packs that comes with either a plastic ironhide and ratchet head or a cardboard one
    8. newguy
      same with me. I bought all three of the movie Ironhides and now the classics. Im looking for a G1 Ironhide on Craigs list
    9. newguy
      So around when the 07 movie came out?
    10. newguy
      your welocome. How long have been into ironhide?
    11. newguy
      Welcome to TFW my fellow Ironhide fan
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