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Oct 2, 2017
    1. tarzAN2003
      I genuinely want to thank you for sharing with me your thoughts, and you're right.

      They say if you truly love someone then you'll set them free.. or however that saying goes
    2. Ømnidrive
    3. Meta777
      So many dinosaurs! Giant horn fire T-rex! Two-headed dragon pterosaur thing! Spinosaurs, raptors, triceratops, they're all here, all robots, gonna fight the bad robots! Awesome!

    4. Meta777
      I am a simple meta with simple pleasures, and I want to see giant robot dinosaurs doing cool stuff :3

      But I am excited for it. That simple shot of Lockdown casually walking along and shooting the heck out of Prime got me much hype indeed. It looks pretty darn cool so far :D
    5. Meta777

      It's been tons of fun, much fun indeed :3

      Tell me, are you anticipating Age of Extinction?
    6. Stardust262
      No problem

      If only our numbers were larger
    7. Meta777
      No problem! Thanks for a fun read :D

      Not much, just chilling, surviving the university lifestyle :lol
      It's been fun though; lessons are good, people are nice, bought a muffin for charity. It's all good :D
    8. Rewind Eject
      Rewind Eject
      Hi ironhide, I've been good. Just busy with college so I've had less time to get in here. But, I'm back and I promise I'll comment on your story as soon as I can.
    9. Meta777
      No problem, Ironhide! I'll lend a review to that fic as well :D

      By the way, is it okay if you lend a quick review to Transformers Meta in turn? My usual reviewer has been delayed for a while 0.0

      Tell me, how have you been doing these days? :D
    10. Stardust262
      I'm alright, thanks for asking. How about you?

      I'll check it out when I get the chance :) I look forward to reading it.
    11. NotRamjet97
      Everything I do goes horribly wrong.

      But what if they didn't? The only reason more people acknowledge bronies more than TFans is cuz guys liking a guys toy line isn't as news worthy as guys liking a girls toyline. What if the roles were reversed?

      TFans and bronies aren't that different in my eyes, the only difference is is that bronies get more exposure. Bad exposure.
    12. NotRamjet97
      I can't think that way.

      Let me put it to you this way. I know that there are some bronies who post fanart that's...strange and write just as strange fanfics. But there are TF fans who do it too, and if someone was lumping good TF fans with those who made that questionable art and wrote those fanfics, wouldn't you try and show that not all TF fans are like that?
    13. NotRamjet97
      It is true.

      If someone bad mouthed TF fans, of any generation, be it G1 or Movieverse, would you try and show them that they're not all bad?
    14. NotRamjet97
      It is true.

      If someone bad mouthed TF fans, of any generation, be it G1 or Movieverse, would you try and show them that they're not all bad?
    15. NotRamjet97
      Nothing does, everything I do I suck at.

      But what I want to know is, why is saying the bronies I've met are nice people, a bad thing?
    16. NotRamjet97
      I'm not awesome, and I'm scared if I ever think that I'm not so bad I'll end up like Jaegertron.
    17. NotRamjet97
      I did take a break a while back, and last week I was banned. But thank you for wanting to help, even though I don't deserve it.
    18. Grimlock22
      Thanks. I doubt it happen but thank you really boosted my confidence a bit :)
    19. Grimlock22
      I tend to write about people fighting monsters with robots, surviving in a post-apocalyptic world, or traveling through space and trying to stop or end wars. Thanks for asking :)
    20. Meta777

      Off the top of my head, nothing vexed me about it. Didn't spot any major errors or discrepancies. I'd say you did good :D
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