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Jan 20, 2024
    1. Schide
      Huh, I guess not. BBTS doesn't even have them listed anymore. I haven't seen them anywhere around here yet either. I'll mention it in the sightings thread if I do see them though.
    2. Schide
      Sorry, but I already sold them to someone else who asked for them when I posted in the sightings thread.
    3. ironhide1
      I know i read your post about your convictions. I have them too.
    4. thenatureboywoo
      I'm okay, not collecting as much as I used too.
    5. josh5837
      hey dude whats up
    6. josh5837
      notin much just got ready for a party and everyone is taking forever just to get ready to leave and its still pooring outside but no my mom chose to make us wait
    7. josh5837
      hey man wats up
    8. ironhide1
      Congrats on your wedding!!!!
    9. Fairlady_Z
      Haven't bought much lately, saving for my wedding. Did get the Allspark Almanac though. It's great and hey, I'm listed on page 193 for Bee in the City! Woot!
    10. optimalzeromus
      i agree with you. target's customer service policies SUCK @$$
    11. ironhide1
      Awesome, I havn't seen one since. Still on the look out for wave 5, ICT twins, Jolt, Voyager Long Haul, Bruticus Target exlusive.

      Just picked up Swerve, Arcee at my local Kohl's and last night at Wally I found Ejector, he is my brave little toaster. ha ha ha

      How about you???
    12. Fairlady_Z
      Cool. I saw one today for the first time at Target today.
    13. ironhide1
      I found him about a month ago in bethle park in the burg
    14. Fairlady_Z
      Any luck finding Leader Jetfire yet? I've been keeping an eye out for him for you, haven't seen him anywhere though.
    15. Fairlady_Z
      You should see the new shirt my mom found - City of Champyinz. Go Bucs!
    16. Fairlady_Z
      Pens win the Stanley Cup! We are the City of Champions once again!
    17. Fairlady_Z
      Sure, it's always good to have another pair of eyes to trade toy hunting info with. I knew those guys were out, but I haven't seen them yet, then again they weren't on my "to get" list so I wasn't looking very hard admittedly. I only picked up Ransack and Sideswipe, which is good now since the supposedly cancelled TFA toys are going to be relased after all...sometime...according to the Hasbro BotCon Pannel report and i really want to save for those. I also when to the hobby shop a little up the road and got some supplies and yellow paint to turn Sideswipe into Sunstreaker. Maybe I can pull off my first radicon.
    18. Fairlady_Z
      Yep, I found everything I was looking for. It was cool to meet you today and find another fellow fan who lives in the same city who's a member here.
    19. deltaprime
      Indeed. I was thinking getting that new toaster guy, and definately Soundwave and Sideswipe. The Legends Class Devastator is pretty cool to.
    20. deltaprime
      Any that I can afford! Of course, I'll still set money aside for church. :)
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