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No worries but i will ask her if she wants to check out other mlp sites.!any good ones to check out let me know Jun 5, 2018

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Mar 19, 2019 at 9:40 AM
    1. Venixion
      Has your sister seen the 35th Anniversary MLP re-releases? They're getting ready to release the first year Rainbow ponies and will also release the first year Unicorns and Pegasus.
    2. ionacus
      No worries but i will ask her if she wants to check out other mlp sites.!any good ones to check out let me know
      1. Venixion
        The trading post and the arena are very friendly and mellow. Lotsa good people and the mods are very strict but very fair. trolling, flaming and...undesirable adult content are not permitted because minors use the site as well. My daughter joined last year.
        Jun 9, 2018
    3. Venixion
      Is your sister on the mlp trading post or mlp arena out of curiousity? I'm wondering if we've run into each other at some point.
      1. ionacus
        No she isn’t. She is special needs and doesn’t do the fan sites and
        Stuff like that
        Jun 5, 2018
      2. Venixion
        Oh. Sorry ionacus
        Jun 5, 2018
    4. ionacus
      Yea she is a cutie
    5. Venixion
      That long cute nose of hers! X3
    6. Venixion
      baby pony with orange hair and a swan cutie mark

      That sounds like Newborn Twin Baby Nibbles. They're the only ponies I can think of with swan symbols.

      Newborn Twin Ponies - My Little Pony: Ponyland Press
    7. ionacus
      That's strange
    8. mrgalvaprime
      I keep misreading it as Iocanus
    9. ionacus
      Really? How so?
    10. mrgalvaprime
      Man, your user name messes with my head xD
    11. Wars
      Thanks! It's from MTMTE #41 :)
    12. Venixion
      sure thing
    13. Venixion
      Megan and Sundance - My Little Pony: Ponyland Press

      Megan and So-Soft Sundance - My Little Pony: Ponyland Press

      Molly and Baby Sundance - My Little Pony: Ponyland Press

      here's what megan and molly looked like as dolls, idk how hard they are to find though, you could check the mlp arena or the mlp trading post and see if anyone has em, if you are looking
    14. ionacus
      Little whiskers it is thanks
    15. Venixion
      well try dream valley and someone said it might be a variant of

      Baby Little Whiskers
      File:Little Whiskers.jpg - My Little Wiki

      Or Greek Baby Cuddles. Good luck
      File:Greek-baby-cuddles.jpg - My Little Wiki
    16. Venixion
      wait white with purple hair? or purple with white hair? If you can get a picture it'd be helpful :) because the only one that I can think of atm is Baby Glory but she's got a shooting star. Is she a unicorn? Earth? Pegasus? are her eyes regular painted eyes? or doll's eyes? do you know the year the pose was made?
    17. Venixion
      Dream Valley - A Collector's Guide to My Little Pony

      Dream valley is a well known ID website that has pictures and the year release of all generations as well as some of the ponies from other countries.
    18. eagc7
      when are we going to see the marvel guys? you metioned shield, but that was it. though i do like the use of gi joe figures and vehicles. been a good story so far.
      The first Marvel guy will make a Cameo here in Earth Protectors. then in My adaptation of ROTF, after my Adaptatino of ROTF the Crossover Begins for real (instead of Cameos), we are in Saga 1 right now which is Transformers focused, after saga 1 is over then its Saga 2 which is Marvel Focused, then Saga 3 which is TF/Marvel Focused
    19. ionacus
      cool man good luck.
    20. Laffa Taffa
      Laffa Taffa
      yeah man, ill have to check out the kmart when im down at south campus for class on monday. hopefully they will have one there still. the kmart by my house has nothing but shit
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