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    1. xanthax
      Your signature is hilarious!
    2. FanimusMaximus
      So is that Dirgegun on your Avatar?
    3. Dansproject
      Hi,always good to see another Metalhead. May I recommend an album you, it's An Anatomy Of The Beast by Intestine Baalism. The perfect mix of Black and Death Metal, mainly Death. Cannibal Sodom is my favourite song of all time. Hope you give it a try!
    4. moreprimeland
      Girl, you come up with some of the wildest pix and verbs!!! :lol You must hang out with some wild folks, j.k. but your posts are "edukatshnal" :D
    5. tehCal
      Ah ok! I actually thought metal would be bigger there than it is here; most people here listen to trendy pop music too, whatever hip-hop or dance music is on the radio. But there are a lot of metal gigs and local bands around, you just have to go to band nights to find people, it's pretty easy here. To give perspective, I'm DJing at a metal night at a local bar in two weeks, with three death metal bands playing; I will be doing the music before and after their sets, and we expect 100-300 people (hopefully) to come. And last night I went to Metallica (who have had five sold out shows in my city on the Death Magnetic tour) and fifteen of my friends came with me :P

      When I say we play Transformers songs in the club, it's not live bands covering them, it's just during the DJ sets we queue them up. At one metal night I go to every month, they play the Lion "Transformers Theme" once every few months, and I am playing "Nothing's Gonna Stand In Our Way" on New Years Eve at another metal night I am DJing at.

      Yeah, Australia is a great country for tourists, and Melbourne is by far my favourite of our cities - not as tourist-centred but has a GREAT metal scene and lots of great clubs and restaurants and things. You should visit there if you ever travel. :)
    6. tehCal
      Also: TF is not VERY popular amongst metalheads but it is popular enough that we get songs from the 1986 animated movie played quite often in our local metal clubs - I'm playing a few in a DJ set I'm doing next month.
    7. tehCal
      Really? Nobody? If you don't mind me asking, where are you from?!

      I'm from Melbourne, Australia and there are thousands of metalheads in my city; I'm friends with hundreds of them but at most international gigs I go to, I only know maybe 5% of the crowd, so there's got to be far more metalheads around than I'd think. I'm also personally friends with maybe 20-30 local black and death metal bands... I can't imagine not knowing any black metal fans, it'd be weird :)
    8. tehCal
      Thanks! Not often you see metalheads who are Transformers fans, though oddly enough the only collector I'm friends with in real life is also a huge black metal fan :P
    9. Laffa Taffa
      Laffa Taffa
      Thanks for accepting my request.
    10. VBBN
      post delete
    11. VBBN
      Yeah i was pretty active in the michigan group but got busy the last couple weeks, im gettin back in there though,
      Im in shelby township, but its connected to rochestor and utica as well so around the shelby/utica/rochestor area, about 40 miles north(or south, i can remember) of detroit. The closest tfw member to me is mitchsantona
    12. VBBN
      Yep just going through adding people from the Michigan group =]
    13. saitoh155
      you are very welcome.I love meeting new people and even better Transformers fans
    14. x BlackMagnus x
      x BlackMagnus x
      Hey, how's it going?
    15. jgoss
      that's awesome man i'm jealous i wish i had that much
    16. jgoss
      do you really have 800 tf's?
    17. Insecticon
    18. jackets
      welcome 2 TFW
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