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    1. CyberDragon10K
      Hi, Incedius. :]

      Is there any chance you'll retool your Shapeways Ultimate Predaking pieces (or upscale the old Voyager pieces) to fit the new Voyager mold (upscaled Cyberverse Commander)? A recent news article shows off a size comparison between the figures, and the new Voyager is pretty much the same size as the Ultimate one! :O
    2. OmarJT82
      It's my understanding that you designed wing extensions for a custom Ultimate Predaking by FrenzyRumble (on Facebook).

      Was that just a one-time thing or are you planning to mass produce them? :confused:
    3. TacticalBacon
      It's understandable. Not all the Predacons will appeal to everyone. The ones I like the most are Grimwing, Vertebreak (awesome name), Ripclaw, Skystalker, Ultimate Predaking and the Target exclusive Predacons (mostly Cryotek). The Transformers Go! figures are also cool too, though the new heads don't appeal to me (Bakudora has a male head for a female body :rolleyes2. And they all have NOSES :eek:). The colors are gorgeous though. If you get the Go! figures, I strongly suggest making new, more Prime esque heads for them (especially for Bakudora, a more feminine head would work). And it still bugs me there is no Ser-Ket in the toyline :banghead:.
    4. TacticalBacon
      I think you are the guy I look at as the Predacon Upgrader. Your Predaking upgrades are just so awesome! I hope you could make more upgrade sets for other Predacons.
    5. TacticalBacon
      Actually, when I look at Darksteel and Skylynx's colors next to their Transformers Go! counterparts, they didn't use the same colors. The Grimwing mold for the Go! line is actually red and gold with a new head, while the Skystalker mold is grey and yellow with a new head.
    6. TacticalBacon
      Yeah, I just noticed that! You should also notice that their bodies don't even match up to their toys :confused:. I wonder what the animators were doing.
    7. TacticalBacon
      Hello Incedius, have you seen the Predacons Rising movie? Because I was wondering if you have plans to make accurate heads for Sky-Lynx and Darksteel. The heads on the toys aren't accurate to the movie's depiction.
    8. TacticalBacon
      OK, thanks for responding!

      Yeah, I understand that they would be too big and too complex to design. It'll probably be too expensive as well.
    9. TacticalBacon
      I was wondering, since you have the amazing skills to design new heads for Ultimate Predaking, if you could design new back legs for him with an alternate transformation to make him have better legs in both modes.
    10. Incedius
      i really need to put in more effort into filling out this page.
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