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    1. Basilisk
      I love the backpack you made for your Thunderclash, I am tempted to recreate it myself for my Thunderclash or for a Machine Wars Optimus custom
      1. Impactor666
        Thanks! I felt he needed it to bulk/beef him out more then making it into a turret was just an after thought to make it usable equipment.
        People had used that mold before me for there base I just added my own spin to it.
        I do love your Thunderclash looks awesome mate a lot more fitting than mine, I too Hope Hasbro will bring put a new updated one in there legacy line soon too
        Dec 28, 2022
      2. Basilisk
        I like yours because of how good the robot mode looks and how he can still do the battle platform the old toy could do and the headsculpt was really good work! the armoured car mode you made is closer to the idw alt mode than MMC's.

        I hope we get an official one too, would be nice to have a new version of the old toy that can actually pose.
        Dec 28, 2022
    2. Smoking Cons Club
      Smoking Cons Club
      You’re doing good so far if you use phone and want ideas for effects pm me asap
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