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Sep 24, 2015
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Well-Known Member, Male, from Ottawa, Canada

Game over, cancer is winning and I'm now palliative care level (extension/comfort of life), got to take things slower and easier. Jan 7, 2024

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Viewing thread Dr. Wu Extreme Warfare Master Thread, Jul 16, 2024 at 3:06 PM
    1. imfallenangel
      Game over, cancer is winning and I'm now palliative care level (extension/comfort of life), got to take things slower and easier.
      1. DubV
        I’m sorry to hear that. I’ve enjoyed your insight and your knowledge. You will be genuinely missed.
        Feb 12, 2024
      2. SMOG
        Oh hell... just saw this. That sucks man! Really sad to hear it. Hope you can stretch out the time that you have for as long as it's manageable!
        May 10, 2024
    2. YellowCorvette
      Hello. Just curious, but what kind of Gundams do you collect?
      1. imfallenangel
        I mostly got a bunch of the older action figures that came out many years ago and a couple of recent ones. Nothing too extravagant as Gundam is a line that nearly limitless... and I want to keep it within the same lines and scale.
        Oct 28, 2023
      2. YellowCorvette
        I mostly collect 1/144 scale stuffs such as High Grades, Real Grades, and Robot Spirits figures (With some 1/100 scale builds occasionally)
        Oct 28, 2023
      3. YellowCorvette
        I can suggest you to join in the discussions in the "Let's see your Gundams" thread in the Toy Ark subforums. There's a ton of people there sharing pics of their WIPs, finished builds, and their collections of Gundam stuffs, which might be something that is right up your alley.
        Oct 28, 2023
    3. Mega Prowl
      Mega Prowl
      Been a while since we last talked.
    4. imfallenangel
      Still radioactive, no super-powers yet unless you call being super-exhausted as one, super-coughing as two?
    5. imfallenangel
      but finally had some time (as no one is allowed around me for at least 2-3 meters, so managed to get some work on my story done!
    6. imfallenangel
      Going through radiation treatment for my cancer this week, so it's been a challenge...
    7. ShockSound6
      Are “specials” for true origins canon or not? Some of them (like #6) seem to be, but some of them don’t.
      1. imfallenangel
        They are for fun, except for #5 (Flashbacks) with the girls fighting, which was a try-out for the short stories that I plan to do in the future, and that segment is a preview of the past.
        Apr 22, 2023
      2. ShockSound6
        Oh! Upon re-reading the 6th one, where Metroplex is said to have fallen over, I assumed it was the affliction and not a joke about top-heaviness.
        Apr 22, 2023
      3. imfallenangel
        Well, #4 is another possible spin-off, but #6 is Bumblebee that pulled the energy rods from Metroplex messing him up.
        Apr 22, 2023
    8. Jalen Gatton07
      Jalen Gatton07
      Forgot to tell you, thank you for the lugnut picture the other day, helped a lot!
    9. Venixion
      Love your pictures of your toys in their Santa hats.
    10. imfallenangel
    11. imfallenangel
    12. SpaceWarp
    13. Venixion
    14. imfallenangel
      I'm up here in Canada, been enrolled on here for a long time, decided to come out and participate instead of just lurking.
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    Ottawa, Canada
    Master of stuff
    Been collecting for over 40 years, as from the moment I could understand things, I loved science fiction and fantasy. Didn't have much as a kid so I would cherish anything that I had, played gently and have managed to hold on to most of my toys.

    Life was hard and I would get what I could when I could, and the collection grew slowly. Became a father and that made my responsibilities be my main importance so to give them the best life that I could give them.

    I eventually reached a point where things were finally be better late in life and my collection grew, then explodes.

    Now a grandfather, I aim to give my grandson everything that I wished I would have had.

    But throughout my life, I've loved my collection, the world that each toy would create for me...


    See my graphic novel story (using actual figures): True Origins
    I wish Hasbro would stop with "good enough, it'll sell like this!" (as prices keep increasing).
    Be childish and you can win a place on my ignore list!(life's just too short and this is a hobby about toys)