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    1. Tyripticon
      Those 3 are actually in my top 10
    2. Tyripticon
      Where did you get the signature from?
    3. changy
      Alot lol, 2 wreckers, 5 airialbots, 2 conbaticons, ect. Grabbing my bros slr camera tonight.
      How about you, got hints on what customs you got going?
      Oh I saw Voyager Skyhammer in target in Albury today
    4. changy
      I got 8 customs going at this time but if you need help or a sounding bored just give me a shout
    5. changy
      Just got home from tf3 it shits over tf2 good if you haven't seen it yet, do it
      I haven't got any new tfs yet movie line isn't really for me but I have been looking at animated skywarp at myer and at big bad,have you got much yet?
      Got any new customs finish yet
    6. changy
      Hey man what up
    7. Superquad7
      I just thought I'd say that your recent Grapple from the BT KO Hummer H3 has really inspired me to do my own :)
    8. sodawilly
      Hey man,

      I've looked EVERYWHERE for the box of stuff for this and it in nowhere here at my condo..... I'm stumped.

      At this point I am wanting to refund you back for this. I sincerely apologize for all of this. If I had known that my work was going to explode like it did ahead of time, I would have never taken commissions..... I really wanted to get this finished for you. I've already lost money on this because of my fault of messing up some of the parts on the first GT I bought to do this, and having to buy another...... I at least want to do right and refund your money back.

      I get paid this next week. Can you send me your e-mail address again and I will be sure to get this wrapped up through PayPal by next Friday?

      I hope you have a Happy Easter,

      - Gregg
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