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Apr 7, 2024
Nov 18, 2007
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The Chaos Bringer, Male, 47, from Canton, GA

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Apr 7, 2024
    1. pumpkingonzo
      Hi mate!
      That's cool, thanks.
      I'm a big fan of your work, so we have a very healthy respect for each other which is nice.
      Take care, no doubt we'll bump in to each other very soon again here or more likely facebook :)
    2. Superquad7
    3. leobreaker1977
      facebooked you! lol
    4. Raimynn
      Hey man, I asked tannim31 about a custom he done, it was a Hot Rod/Rodimus. He said that you done the head sculpt, I was wondering if you had anymore or had availabilty for anymore? Thanks in advance.
    5. Bumblebee3
      Thanks bro I appreciate that and will do :)
    6. ryukaze
      hey...thanks a lot on the comments. yeah, i knew there'd be someone just simply wanting to knock me down. i usually don't let it get to me since i do what i do coz i love it...heh...again thanks for the back up and i'll definitely try my best to do more and better customs in the future! and thanks for the add! it is a good feeling to have people appreciate our work...
    7. mstyger87
      hey dude hows it going, im just wanting a bit of input, im building my bruticus and was wondering if you could help out on a certain point, im going to end up giving him foot pads/plates and im not to sure what to make them into when hes not bruticus, i was thinking a shield or something but not sure bout vehicle mode, any ideas would be great
    8. simified
      Hi Brian,
      I tried to leave you a PM but your inbox is full. lol I wanted to check in and see if you had made any progress on the WJ wings and Jazz spoiler. I hadn't talked to you since last month so I though I'd ask. I hope everything is going good with you.
    9. wardslit
      btw dude i sent you email
    10. wardslit
      thanks for accepting buddy! thanks for looking out on my current project. i just wanna ask some things :D
    11. jigs625
      hey brian, OK here are a break down of parts. for thighs Ive used forearms from RTS Perceptor. and for her forearms I used forearms from PCC Salvage. hope that helps you and good luck on your build... Id love to see your take on this. but ive then since rehashed arcee to to make a better fig
    12. Megatron31
      Hey bud sent you a email from my personal account with pics of those ko construction guys let me know if you get them
    13. wheeljack2010
      Hey Brian, just checkin in to see if you've made any progress on those Galvatron parts and Prime head. Thanks man, Cheers bud
    14. xultimatexdoomx
      i was seeing if you could do a commission deluxe animated g1 style head for a deluxe soundwave ..one kinda like the one that dude frenzy rumble dude did !! but yeah i seen your stuff and that you do commission soo just let me know bro ! check me out on fb and maybe i could get something done by ya ...p.s if you need any art work check me out on facebook im a tattoo artist and i can get anything at all 2-d done for ya
      Justin James Jarrell | Facebook
    15. tannim31
      Hey Brian, by any chance you have a generations or G1 Prowl head sculpt? i found an animated prowl and wanted to see what it would look like. hope things are going good with you bro!
    16. tannim31
      Hey brian, did the package get there ok?
    17. tannim31
      Hey Brian, sorry for the late mailing but you will have the head and a gun that came with it Monday. I figured you could play with the gun a bit to get it to work with other figures. The tracking number is 03102640000027920138

      Thanks my friend :-)
    18. JBOboe720
      Hey, I just got the money, and I can get that to you as soon as I can. I just need your paypal info.
    19. JBOboe720
      I could do $10. I get paid in about a week, so I will get back to you on that soon.
    20. MazinAzn

      I was wondering if you would be able to do the leg mod for me? I don't have a dremel and I'm not very skilled with customizations. and it is bugging me that wheeljack is short. can you help me with this?
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