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Jul 14, 2009
Jun 18, 2009
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Just another clone

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Jul 14, 2009
    1. repair_bay
      Hey man, your inbox is full, I've got a figure for trade.
    2. javaco
      ur inbox is full

      but iv got one up for trade
      hes loose but in good condition

      let me know if ur interested or not in a message
    3. TheMonarch
      He didn't rip me off, but he did send a note as a "friend" of a guy I was trading with on the boards. I sent his friend my end of the trade and only got an email from House of Z that his friend got hurt and he had the package and would send it to me soon.

      I think they're the same person. Needless to say, I never got my end of the trade and was ripped off as well.
    4. xZAOx
      Guys, he's not sending anything, or giving money back. We've been ripped off. Paypal sided in my favor in the claim. He even lied and gave a fake transaction number saying he had refunded my money.
    5. maninthebox94
      where have you been dude, answer me and these deserving members, wtf.
    6. Soundwave925
      Dude, WHAT THE FUCK!!!!! are you going to send me the fuckin hotrod figure. I gave you the WW grimlock a long ass time ago and now im getting fed up with your shit. clean out your pm box and contact me ASAP.
    7. xZAOx
      He responded to my Paypal dispute, saying he was going to ship out on Monday.

      After he told me he already sent, weeks ago. He has until Saturday to get me a tracking number or I move the dispute to a claim.
    8. optimusfan
      So I'm the not the only one waiting on House Of Z? Fortunately I'm waiting for him to send first, I hope he comes through as I'd like to do the trade.
    9. Magnus1701
      Starting to think you got in trouble with the Mob and had to skip town or something. Look dude I'm taking the figs I was gonna trade you back to the store. I could have ordered Superion and gotten him via mail in less time than this. Sorry but I can't just sit on these figs waiting on you to do... Whatever it is you're doing. Later.
    10. Soundwave925
      ok im starting to get pissed off. could you please let me know where the hotrod figure is?!?!
    11. maninthebox94
      hey dude, wtf is up, your going to get into trouble, i'm hearing allot about how your not shipping? and not paying?
    12. xZAOx
      Hey man, over 2 weeks and no items, no response from you, I felt I had no choice but to open a paypal dispute so I can start to get my money back.
    13. Magnus1701
      Hey dude any word on that Superion? Holler back. Thanks.
    14. Soundwave925
      Uuummm, hey i would really appreciate it if you could tell me if the grimlock has arrived yet and if youv shipped the Hotrod. let me know ASAP.
    15. Magnus1701
      Hey man your messages need to be cleaned out. Tried pming ya. What's the good word on Superion?
    16. SettPrime
      Dude, I love Burn Notice. Weston be mein Idol of butt-whoop! Plus, you NEVER go wrong when you invite Bruce. He makes everything better just be being there.
    17. starscream90
      hey dude how much for optimal optimus
    18. Bulletbill
      Hey, no prob!
    19. maninthebox94
      Hey man, know your busy and all, but i thought you might like to know, the new Alice in Chains single just got released, its called "A looking in view" download here
    20. maninthebox94
      Congrats man! Hope your site works out well.
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