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    1. Maximus Danz
      Maximus Danz
      Hey man, I've seen on the threads that you are a bodybuilder/weightlifter. What tips would you have for a 16-year-old on lifting and fitness in general? Such as overtraining, diet, and cardio.
      1. Hotshotprime43
        Focus on the important exercises for lifting (free weights and compound movements), focus on form and the movement pattern (my form breaks down at times but I know when and know when I need to deload and correct it),
        Dec 16, 2020
      2. Hotshotprime43
        write the workouts down so you know what you are doing and know how to progress, EAT food and hit the needed amount of protein to recover. Also depends on your goals. Like you wanna get huge, fit, strong, fast, and so on.
        Dec 16, 2020
      3. Maximus Danz
        Maximus Danz
        Thanks for the advice man!
        Dec 16, 2020
    2. Fallout
      appreciate it brother. been a long time comin
    3. Hotshotprime43
      6 foot. I use to do a lot of cardio but stopped. Now I will run every once in awhile for a mile to three if I feel like I need to do that to stay healthy.

      I want to looked jacked so have a bodybuilder body lol but still be able to get stronger too.
    4. Fallout
      how tall are you? do you do a lot of cardio? that's the key to keeping the fat off, but too much will burn fat lol

      my arms and chest are getting bigger. i might be in the best shape of my life, not too skinny but not too fat. still a little too much of both for my liking but i'm improving :)
    5. Fallout
      rock on man. you trying to get big or just stay lean?
    6. Fallout
      you gettin jacked dude? i'm bulking now and i can barely keep the fridge filled lol
    7. EnergonWaffles
      I saw- had to learn that "lesson" in school myself, so just figured I'd say something.

      But yeah that brings a whole nother level to that story. Wish you the best of luck man
    8. matrixprime
      Hey man I see you posting in the fitness thread all the time. Are you a major body builder or something?
    9. Slingshot
      Thanx for accepting.
    10. Fallout
      my abs have actually gotten a lot more cut in the past couple of weeks haha but still not where i could be
    11. Fallout
      sup man, can you recommend any back exercises besides pullups? i'm gettin a slouch and my back ain't as toned as i'd like haha
    12. Jetbolt
      No joke, I've never seen any of the Bay movies. I don't see a lot of movies, in fact since 2008, I've seen only one movie (POTC 4) at the theater.

      When the first Bay movie came out, it was during my Transformers dark years. It wasn't until Animated that my passion for the line was reawakened. By the time the second movie came out, I just simply wasn't hooked by the live action promos.

      So for me, the Bay movies is like Energon. Never saw the show/movies, but got toys from the lines.
    13. eagc7
      In DotM it was originally Mirage/Dino who was suppose to die but was changed to Wheeljack/Que. Who do you think should have died?
      actually BOTH characters were going to die, not one of them. but both of them, if i am not wrong Mirage was spared because Ferrari didnt wanted Bay to kill their car
    14. Primus Productions
    15. Techmo
      what is your email Superwheeljack wants to know since he was baanned
    16. Techmo
      friended you i'm a close friend of superwheeljack
    17. Superwheeljack
      Ummm, in the last hour, a lot of stuff has gone on, help me
    18. Superwheeljack
      I think I found heaven. There's a group called transformers animated haters.
      You might wanna check them out
    19. Superwheeljack
      What happened to airazor he got banned for something. I think it involves me when he argued with me on my profile page
    20. Superwheeljack
      I get a feeling I better watch myself so I don't get anymore infractions.
      If something does happen, will you carry on our message of anti-animated?
      I'm joking, I'll just watch myself so I don't get banned
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