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May 23, 2010
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The Working Hermit, Male

    1. Meta777
      So not to clutter your thread;

      None of the main characters are sixty feet, but Blackout, a vital part of Slipstream's backstory, is about that tall.
      1. Honorbound
        No problem, man. Thanks for the info; it's been a while since I read your stuff.
        Sep 22, 2018
    2. Rewind Eject
      Rewind Eject
      Thanks. It's been a while.
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      2. Honorbound
        Just working, mostly. I've done the college thing - I hope you're getting through it without too many issues.
        Sep 25, 2017
      3. Rewind Eject
        Rewind Eject
        Physics killed my free time for a year, but I'm doing well now.
        Sep 26, 2017
      4. Honorbound
        Yeah, courseload like that, I can see it. I'm glad you passed and have more time for yourself.
        Sep 26, 2017
    3. Galvatross
      I mean it's funny because it's true. It was true for Beast Wars/Beast Machines. It's true for the 2007 film and the sequels. It's true for any cartoon since G1 and even the later parts of G1 or G2.
    4. Galvatross
      Merry Christmas to you, too, man! I have not been on here much today, but it's always good seeing you on this site. Have an excellent day!
    5. Primus Productions
      Primus Productions
      Exciting!, All I'm waiting for is the reveal of Megatron's vehicle form.
    6. Primus Productions
      Primus Productions
      It's been fine, Just waiting for TF5. The wait is killing lol.
    7. Primus Productions
      Primus Productions
      Hey, Bound, Been while.
    8. Galvatross
      I hope you had a great Christmas!
    9. Galvatross
      I'm glad you and others like that sequence of events I came up with for the continuity of the films
    10. Galvatross
      Also, he never enjoys doing what he needs he to do to save the day. You never see him laugh or smile about it. And yeah, I wish we saw more of what's going on his head, too, but that's also why I like AOE a lot...we actually got to see a lot of character moments from him. He was rightfully pissed about the events transpiring.
    11. Galvatross
      I agree. AOE Optimus is one of the most interesting portrayals of the character ever. It's also easy for members of a species of 7 billion writing on a computer screen to complain about him being too violent, but he is a member of a critically endangered species trying to protect both his Autobots and human allies under less than ideal conditions. He's not dealing with energon thieves or swindlers, but genocidal tyrants, backstabbers, and all sorts of types that want him and his friends destroyed. He also never harms any innocents, whether Autobot or human or repentant Decepticons (Jetfire, Wheelie, etc). He even restrains Hound from harming Josh at KSI's headquarters.
    12. Galvatross
      Thanks for the friend request. I'm glad to see someone else who likes Movie Prime.
    13. bellpeppers
      Hello there. Just added you as a friend.
    14. Rewind Eject
      Rewind Eject
      Thanks for the help. :)
    15. Rewind Eject
      Rewind Eject
      Hey. Could you help me decide on something for my optimus? I finally know what I want to do with him, but would like to speak with someone so I can iron out the details.
    16. Rewind Eject
      Rewind Eject
      Would you mind if I use parts of my idea for your series idea for my own series idea? Wow that sentence was confusing to write.

      Edit: never mind, I was asking about the earth native autobot idea but I decided upon something else.
    17. Fallout
      for sure. they need lots of exposure with a cast of 49 robot characters.
    18. Fallout
    19. Meta777
      I had no idea about that jellyfish.
      I learnt about this specific example recently, but it's actually a common tactic amongst distressed prey animals to attempt to summon bigger predators to kill their attackers.

      In the pitch black deep sea, if a dinoflagellate is attacked by a predator, it will release bright lights. In the utter darkness, a lovely light display is practically an open invitation for opportunistic hunters, preferably ones big enough to kill the dinoflagellate's attacker. The original predator has a choice; either abandon the prey and make a run for it, or finish it off and risk being slaughtered by anything attracted by the lightshow.

      It's very fascinating, the tricks animals will use to ensure victory one way or another :D
    20. Rewind Eject
      Rewind Eject
      I finished Soundwave's crew with his pets and partner. I just need a little more thought before I actually go back and change his background.
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    Needs to get a Transformers-oriented fandom outside of Movie Optimus.