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Oct 5, 2015
Jan 22, 2009
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Yes, I'm a girl.

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Oct 5, 2015
    1. x BlackMagnus x
      x BlackMagnus x
      Hello fellow Pisces...
    2. jackets
    3. Ace Convoy
    4. cowclone
      I have a riddle try it goes :
      I have no hinge no lock
      you can not twist me open
      once opened I can't be closed
      I have a very valuable gift inside
      I am not man made
      what am I?
    5. cowclone
      hello whats up
    6. cnic
      It's mainly a video game forum but we have discussions like on here as well. Please feel free to sign up and help us build or numbers!
    7. cnic
      Hey come check out our new ROTF video game site Transformers Revenge Of The Fallen - Index
    8. Dremare
      I'm at Ep. 42 of #'s too.
    9. Dremare
      You're a fan of Ojamajo Doremi?

      Didn't think there would be another person on this website that likes it, too.
    10. Honey-Flash
      My profile is incomplete as of now due to laziness, I don't feel like typing now. Bye-Bye!

      Helpfull hint for July- "Manners are there own reward."

      Helpfull hint for June- "Use two diffrent voices, one for indoors, one for outdoors."

      Helpfull hint for May- "It doesn't matter how you say/ type something, whats important is that you get across your message."

      Helpfull hint for April- "Not all problems can be solved by yelling."

      Helpfull hint for March- "Wash hands right after using the restroom, especally at work or school."

      Helpfull hint for February- "Recycle paper, cardboard, plastic and glass bottles, and soda cans when you are finished with them. Don't just throw them away!"

      Helpfull hint for January- "Don't type in all caps. THIS IS THE EQUIVLENT OF SHOUTING!"

      I will add hints monthly and keep older ones avalable for viewing.
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