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honestly, Honesty!, Male, from Stroudsburg, PA.

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Jun 23, 2024 at 5:09 PM
    1. Fallout
      i just want good toys of elita-1's crew from the 80's. i'm looking at customs so far, firestar from gen kup, chromia from gen blurr, annnnd i'm out of ideas for the others lol. especially elita. i want her to be bigger than a car-bot but also be in scale with MP-10. an upsize of cybertron evac would be best lol
    2. Fallout
      i don't really care for the azalea mold as elita, but the headsculpt looks awesome. wish i could find a junker since that's the only way to get an elita-1 head.

      i had slipstream and yeah, the size was hugely disappointing. i'm glad we're getting more fembots but i hope we move away pretty quickly from giving them curves and robotiddies.
    3. Fallout
      awh fuck, that looks really nice too :lol

      you got eupatorium?
    4. Fallout
      dude, do you have combiner hunters arcee?
    5. eyescovered
      Yea, I doubt I'd ever find the time, but I would definitely want to go to one. Never been into anime myself. I read several comics. Actually got my wife into them, too!
    6. eyescovered
      Haha, yes, BBTS boxes are very easy to spot! Always a good rush when you get one!

      Yea, of course I know Stroudsburg! The wife and I usually go there (or technically Bartonsville I guess) for date nights. A trip to the Dollar Tree and then a meal at Texas Roadhouse! How romantic! :)
    7. eyescovered
      Just noticed you were from Stroudsburg, Hello from the Poconos! Well actually, I live in Lehighton, but currently here at work in Swiftwater.

      I don't know anyone around here that collects TFs, so it's nice to know there's at least one other plastic addict close by!
    8. Legate
      Too true. I love my Quakewave and Feral Rex. For me, they set the standard to beat, even for official.
      If someone passes things up just cause a given product is or isn't official, they're selling themselves short.
    9. Legate
      I got a helluva kick out of your "tramp stamp" comment over in the MP Hot Rod forum. DAMN near had me rolling; I haven't laughed like that in a while.
      Ah, good stuff.

      Anyway, just wanted to share my appreciation for your moment of wit. Cheers!
    10. hyruk
      I cant decide between the two,
      Most of the time i get confused of which one should i read cuz i like how ExRID tells small part of a massive epic story while MTMTE has alot going around everytime so its both Imo
    11. hyruk
      So which one you like more ; MTMTE or ExRID??
    12. hyruk
      Same Here...
      I love Post-Chaos Arcee,Her characterization in RID comic series especially after Dark Cybertron is the best.
      I really like how Barber wrote her among the Autobots and i really like her relation with Prowl.
    13. hyruk
      I bet you are a fan of Arcee,
      Which incarnations are your most favourite? :)
    14. hyruk
      Nice Profile Pic :o
      Where did you get it?
    15. Superquad7
      Happens to the best of us :) Just hope I didn't come across as too condescending. Wasn't my intention.
    16. jdsilver
      Hey there, well since you offered, I might consider offloading him onto you if you want. Lemme see what a fair price is and try to gather his parts. I don't have the original box though. And I did put a Decepticon Reprolabels insignia on him.
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