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May 15, 2024
May 6, 2004
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May 15, 2024
    1. grimlockprime
      just wanted to let you know i pmed you with my paint map idea
    2. grimlockprime
      pmed u several ideas
    3. Lungbarrow
      Hi there, just wanted to say I'm very impressed and a little envious of your bumblebee collection! G1 Bee was my first transformer—all the way back in 1984 when I was 11—and I've been accumulating versions of him ever since. I limit it mostly to only transformable versions, and mostly only g1 inspired. I pick up one or so from each "iteration" just for variety (animated, movies, prime, etc).

      Anyway, I perused your photobucket gallery and you've amassed a great collection of the little guy. It's nice to have another big time Bee fan around!
    4. FuzorSilverbolt
      lol, kids can be a handfull so yeah, I can agree.
    5. FuzorSilverbolt
      There's so much cool stuff out there. A man could literally spend a year`s salary and still not have it all. Good hunting, though.
    6. FuzorSilverbolt
      I respect it though. I love seeing people that passionate about a character. As long as you enjoy it, it has to be worth it.
    7. FuzorSilverbolt
      I'm highly impressed. There's so many, lol. How do you even display so many awesome figures?
    8. FuzorSilverbolt
      Hope its okay to randomly message you but saw your sig and followed the link and have to say, wow! Your collection is awesome. Bumblebee is my fav Autobot, kinda tied with Ironhide. Really awesome collection man.
    9. PrimusVsUnicron
      You gonna put any AOE deluxe Bumblebees in your sig?
    10. Purple Heart
      Purple Heart
      Did you ever find those figures for your child?
    11. Purple Heart
      Purple Heart
      Yes, Wave 9 of the Blindpacks is still available with wave 10 showing up in some places.
      Thr thing about these waves is that they can show up on time, Show up late, Or not show up at all. So I'd bet you'd find wave 9 of those Blindpacks with a little searching.
    12. EpicTransformer
      do you own all those Bumblebees?!?!
    13. Notontheboards
      Still interested in the bumblebee from the German magazine? Are you coming to the meet up in January?
    14. prime1701
      Hi Ben, I saw your mother Saturday at the craft sale in Black Diamond on Sat. My mother was selling crafts too. Peggy and I saw the Autobot card she had and Peggy heard her say who her grandson was, so we got to talk a while about Transformers and Disney (very slow day at the sale). Your mother was telling us about how you son test her on the names of the transformers and dinosaurs. Your mother is very nice and you should be be proud of your son. - Lee and Peggy
    15. Optimist_Prime
      Hey Hoist, could you please post a 1280x800 Hi-Res copy of your sig? I really want this as a background. Thanks in advance.
    16. Randomus Prime
      Randomus Prime
      Hellllo! :) Hail Cobra!
      Dude your signature is freakin' hilarious! You should send that to Hasbro!
    18. Transfan2
      Hi Hollywood Hoist,
      How is it going for you? :)

    19. Transquito
      Hmm.. you have a thing for deluxe BB it seems? :P
    20. Sideswipe80
      I have 12 2 packs of the Robot Heroes movie versions. I'm willing to sell them for $72.00 plus $10.00 in shipping if you're interested.
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