Hobart Paving
Jan 12, 2023
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Hobart Paving

I would prefer not to., Male, from Lancashire, United Kingdom

    1. Venixion
      I like your avatar btw
    2. Jalen Gatton07
      Jalen Gatton07
      How are you doing? Any recent pickups?
    3. Jalen Gatton07
      Jalen Gatton07
      I'm thinking about get more into fans toys
      1. Hobart Paving
        Hobart Paving
        Wow, that’s an expensive thought! They’re not my style, way too cartoony, but they’re very well-rated. As long as you don’t turn into one of the FansBoys - some of them treat it like it’s a cult! :)
        Feb 20, 2023
      2. Jalen Gatton07
        Jalen Gatton07
        Just a thought I usually go through like 5 figure before I decide who to spend my money on
        Feb 20, 2023
      3. Hobart Paving
        Hobart Paving
        Very wise. Find the toys that bring you joy - the ones that give you that warm feeling in your stomach, the ones that shout to you from the shelf and make you take them down and mess with them, and collect them. That way you’ll never regret spending your money. :)

        For me, at the moment, that’s Iron Factory, Spy Changers, and Legends of Cybertron. For you… who knows? Don’t forget to look at old lines, too!
        Feb 20, 2023
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    July 16
    Lancashire, United Kingdom
    Staggeringly tedious. Hobbies include Runaround, On Safari, and Cheggers Plays Pop.