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Apr 19, 2024 at 5:12 PM
Mar 31, 2004
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Hiro Prime

Cybertronian Guru, Male, 53, from In a Transformers Museum

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Viewing WordPress (), Apr 19, 2024 at 5:12 PM
    1. emmsnake
      Hey Hiro, just contacting you. We talked at the comic shop recently about your collection and bot con!
    2. OptimusSolo
      Hello kind sir, back in 2007 i printed out some checklists that i believe you had designed and written. Curious, do those exist anywhere online these days? Have they ever been updated since then?
      1. Hiro Prime
        Hiro Prime
        Not like they were in '07, but I am working on a new project that will see an online TF checklist made available to fans that I hope to update on a monthly basis. It would include TF toy from all around the world as well as comics and other TF licensed items.
        I'll be dropping some announcements later this year about the project.
        I hope this helps.
        May 20, 2021
    3. Hiro Prime
      Hiro Prime
      Happy Birthday America!
    4. Hiro Prime
      Hiro Prime
      Sure, I'm always interested in picking up TFs. Bring them to the next Meet-up and we'll see what we can work out.
    5. Marto6
      Hi Hiro, if you were at the last meet up.. Sorry I missed it.. You still interested in Walmart Sky Warps, MISB? I also have a leader Bumble Bee...Costco gold paint version. Also MISB.. Let me know what these are worth to you.. Thank you. Martin.
    6. Hiro Prime
      Hiro Prime
      Thanks, and a Happy New Year to you.
    7. lieutenantjazz
      Have a Merry Christmas...
    8. Hiro Prime
      Hiro Prime
      Thanks, lieutenantjazz.
    9. lieutenantjazz
      Hope you are doing good! Til all are one!
    10. Hiro Prime
      Hiro Prime
      Thanks, but who is broski and how did I shat on him?
    11. The621
      Saw your arguments when you totally shat on that hippie, broski. Love it! :thumb
    12. lieutenantjazz
      SWEET! I will be coming by your booth for sure. Thanks for commenting back. :)
    13. Hiro Prime
      Hiro Prime
      I will certainly be in Dallas this April and will be an Exhibitor with a bunch of cool items. (I hope) It'll be cool to hook up with you, but I don't know if I'll be needing any help this year or not at this point.
    14. lieutenantjazz
      U are going to be in my area in April. Maybe we can get together. This will be the first year I can go to Botcon. This is Matt by the way. I used to live in Iowa, and shop at your store. I hope all is well.
    15. Murasame
      Hm maybe one of the moderators or admins can help
    16. Hiro Prime
      Hiro Prime
      Now if I can only get the red lettering back.
    17. Murasame
      You're welcome :)
    18. Hiro Prime
      Hiro Prime
      Wow... and it's been like that for years too.

      Thanks. I'll take care of it ASAP.
    19. Murasame
      "Cybertonian Guru" <--
    20. Hiro Prime
      Hiro Prime
      My user title?
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