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Apr 22, 2024 at 6:36 AM
Dec 24, 2008
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Hippie Trooper

Bert the Stormtrooper Reivews, Male, from Strongbadia Population: Tire

So many figures to review! Jul 31, 2017

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Apr 22, 2024 at 6:36 AM
    1. Hippie Trooper
      Hippie Trooper
      So many figures to review!
    2. MechanovaKing
    3. JohnnyMaximum
      Thanks. I got a thread going on the Transformers on ebay page.
    4. JohnnyMaximum
      Hey skyshark. This is JohnnyMaximum from ebay. Turns out I did have a profile here, I just forgot about it. Anyway, I'm back. I'll start up a thread about my ebay listings soon. Thanks for the idea.
    5. Brawlastator
      Nope, I live up in Georgia.

      I didn't do too poorly at the con. Mostly got Beast Wars stuff.

      That's a great custom you did there! The colors work great!
    6. Brawlastator
      Sup, guy! I don't know if you saw my comment in the Botcon Hauls thread, so I'm bugging you on your profile! You remember the the guy who had a Scott McNeil at Botcon? That was me! :D
    7. Toei
      Did you get my PM earlier?
    8. Chaos Muffin
      Chaos Muffin
      It was almost mandatory. Could'nt stand to look at him in plain eraser form like that.
      Would be suprised if people did'nt touch him up a bit.
      I like the green you used for your mouth better, I had to mix white & green to get my green.
      Thinking about weathering all my rotf figs. It goes pretty fast when you just paint a whole part black and wipe it off real fast. Plus that cheap craft paint at walmart (pure black) does'nt stick as fast as the good paint, great for those oh shit moments.
      Works good on Star Wars toys too, smugdes just right
    9. Chaos Muffin
      Chaos Muffin
      He came back but disappeared again. I was going to upgrade a burger king Devastator for him.

      Was going to show you but I just came across your BK Dev thread, effin sweet!
      Once I got to those super tiny wires I stopped, could'nt take anymore :lol
    10. Chaos Muffin
      Chaos Muffin
      That's awesome, all I have Is a few helmets & fx sabers. If I did'nt blow my $$ on crap I could probably save.
      Im hoping yoyu can drink beer through those ST helmets somehow. Just sit on the porch all daw and drink. Everytime a car comes by hold the blaster up, "PEW PEW"
    11. Chaos Muffin
      Chaos Muffin
      oh damn, I knew I should've got more. I went the first day and got 3, but figured they would be avail during the whole promotion. Im down to 1 annd supposed to commission a g1 devastator out of him but hav'nt heard back from the guy yet.
      It's yours if he never replies, I cant wait forever on him. Damn man, hope you get one. Ebay maybe a decent idea before everyone knows they're rare and start upping the prices.

      Dude is that you in the stormtrooper outfit, so awesome. Ill trade my rotf collection for that suit :lol
    12. Chaos Muffin
      Chaos Muffin
      did you ever find you a BK Devastator?

      Can probably get you one
    13. PurpleBumblebee
      Where is it? :D I'd love to (but my mom probbably wouldn't let me -_-)
    14. PyroniusRex
      Nice avatar, is it something you found online or is that someone you know?
    15. PurpleBumblebee
      Round Ocala :P
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