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    1. Splatt
      Wow... great job with all the pictures - must have taken you ages! I too have been collecting the comics over the years, I had about 200 as a kid and over the past years added to the collection! still trying to track down the one with the model airliner though! they're very rare!

      Cheers for fixing the link...
    2. Splatt
      Hi Higg79,

      Just saw your post with regards to the weekly comic 'Free Gifts' which unfortunately has been taken down... is there another link to see them all?
      1. Higgs79
        Hi mate

        I forgot that this gallery died when photobucket turned into ransombucket!

        I have fixed the main gallery on the first page for you.

        I hope you enjoy it.

        May 28, 2018
    3. Nicap
      Did you ever locate the Regeneration One Herb Trimpie blank cover?

      collectors society. So this a link to a thread regarding these blank covers. The thread starter is a man who is selling off the Trimpe estate. You should be able to contact the man based on the info from the two page thread. You'll also see that I've posted in this thread with one of my copies sketched on.

      I found him on ebay. There is a user account named: herb_trimpe_estate

      I hope you find this useful.

      I'm trying to get my hands on the blank cover for issue 81. If you have any sources I would appreciate the help.

    4. Nicap
      Did you ever locate the Regeneration One Herb Trimpie blank cover?
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