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    1. Primus Productions
    2. Strong Badman
      Strong Badman
      Riiiight. Well, RID is hardly as shitty as Energon.
    3. Stardust262
      Thanks. It's an amazing anime
    4. Strong Bad
      Strong Bad
      Are you a Transformers Animated fan?
    5. Rexidus
    6. Vaikyuko
      We can do PMs, sure. And tell you what, I'll tell you in PM the identities of the Blitzwings. A neat little spoiler, but not a super amazing one. ;)
    7. Vaikyuko
      I'd like to keep the future bits of Warhead under wraps, simply due to the way it's being gradually unveiled (plus, I'm soon to be 280 pages into it, with the first book winding down, and I wouldn't want to upset anyone by giving preferential treatment or anything).

      In my continuity, though, the Blitzwings are a Great War soldier group who were imprisoned after the fact for "war crimes" that Sentinel Prime had them commit. They don't bear much of a relation to the G1 character, and are more meant to replace two Autobot teams from G1 instead, featuring several fan favorite secondaries.

      I'd be happy to read whatever you've got, and can offer input and critique if you like. If you prefer it to be a one-for-one scenario, then I understand if you'd rather not share your ideas. :) Oh, and don't worry about cluttering my page; if you'd prefer the privacy of PMs that's fine, but I don't mind one way or the other about the visitor page. S'what it's there for!
    8. Vaikyuko
      Haha, the story has a penchant for killing bots a lot, so things won't go well, no. I'd tell you more, but I don't want to spoil anything. Just wait till you see the Blitzwings (they'll be coming up pretty soon).

      I would like to read your piece, is it up online yet?
    9. Vaikyuko
      An intriguing premise. I like that you've killed both leaders from the get go -- my Book II (which deals with Cybertron after both factions have jumped to Earth) deals with a power vacuum of a similar sort, though new leaders technically take their place instead.

      Book I deals mostly with Megatron rising to power, gathering followers, and becoming disillusioned with the Decepticons thanks to the scheming of Straxus and Megatronus, instead naming his followers thereafter the "Tyrannicons". Orion meanwhile becomes an enforcer for Sentinel and upgrades (plot-related) into Optimus (not Prime) for the remainder of the piece up to the current chapters.

      I've got a pretty large cast right now, but the really crazy stuff hasn't happened quite yet. When it does, I sense the people reading might go berserk, because it's some pretty nutty stuff.
    10. Vaikyuko
      Warhead is a 3-book magnum opus of mine for Transformers: it begins in the (already technically gone) golden days of Cybertron when Sentinel Prime and Megatronus Prime rule in tandem in the wake of the Great War. A young data clerk named Orion Pax and a protoform named D-16 rise to prominence as Optimus and Megatron in the next Great War. The first book is currently nearing the third and final act. The second and third books will be decidedly difficult to write for me, because...well, they run concurrently (on Earth and Cybertron, respectively), so I have to decide whether or not to write them concurrently and make references between the continuity, or do them one at a time, and jump backward chronologically as I release the third book.

      It's got a lot of changes, though, some of which are actually spoilers, so I can't say much about it. I've had a great deal of fun writing it.
    11. Vaikyuko
      It's something I've wanted for a while, as there's plenty of characters who literally get zero use in the modern fiction. I understand you can't have a mainstream appeal without at least one guy like Starscream or Optimus, but surely we can get along in a series with something like <G1 well-known> + 5-6 completely unknown bots as a primary casting. Seriously.

      But then that's partly what Book II of my fiction will have in it. Sorry if I sound like I'm selling Warhead to you, I tend to get excited about it, haha.
    12. Vaikyuko
      Haha, alright! Needlenose fans unite! *high five* It's funny, because when I was a kid all I was into was the big name guys, and now that I'm into collecting hardcore, I've got a lot of love for several no-name or lesser known characters. It's shown in my fiction too.
    13. Wheeljackie
      Buzzsaw is included too its a good deal since you are getting all the cassettes and Soundwave not counting ratbat since it comes with soundblaster.
    14. Wheeljackie
      I got the TRU exclusive MP Soundwave its well worth the cash for it.
    15. Wheeljackie
      He was supposed to come to my local comic book convention this year but he didn't make it. He was there last year but I didn't get to see him. Wheeljack is my favorite autobot and Soundwave is my favorite decepticon.
    16. Wheeljackie
      Of course i don't mind at all! I am trying to get more involved in the transformers community as a whole and love interacting with other fans!
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