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    1. heraldofunicron
      Sorry for the slow response, I've been talking to people more on FB then on here. Feel free to add me and I'll be quicker to respond over FB. name is "heraldofunicron cybertron".

      Actually, not all mine are MISB. Mindwipe and Misfire (I think) are the the only MISB ones. The rest are opened but still have the bubbles to display as "what they looked like new". Back when I was buying them they were cheaper that way, so I went with it. With the current prices, I should have gone with all MISB though!!! I think the most I paid for any of the headmasters was mindwipe, and he was 90. Granted, that was years ago.

      Now........I can ask some people I know, but most people are looking to get a LOT for sealed (and even just in the box). I'm glad these were my favorites back in the day and I picked them all up so cheap!
    2. gma6504

      I saw your target and headmaster pics on Facebook.Awesome. How long did it take you to complete those two sets? Misb? I have been looking for these guys in misb condition but have only found misfire in pristine shape in the past two years. These guys seem really hard to find now. If you have any leads you are willing to share please let me know as it will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
    3. heroic_decepticon
      hello sir, sure thing, will let you know! =)
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