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    1. mentok27
      Yeah gobots will make an appearance as well.... Mostly just the core cast but its not a top priority at the moment.. My current project is the euro turbomasters thunderclash, rotorstorm, skorch, boss, hurricane and flash.

      After that I'm gonna focus on the decepticon predators
    2. mentok27
      Yeah I'm planning for all Japanese and comic characters to bi included... In addition my g2 policy is pretty grey.... For instance I'm keen for g2 combiners but ill be treating them as different characters renamed and all... But there's stuff that's not actually different enough to warrant treating as a new character.... G2 inferno for instance.

      Plus I'm keen for classics diaclone, brave and proto g1 characters which were created in other fictions and later imported to g1... Lockdown, skybyte, bulkhead....

      Anyway it's an ever changing list and considering I can only achieve one custom a month on average it will take me forever.. Which is half the fun.
    3. Venksta
      Sorry, I'm not taking names for the final batch of kits. But keep an eye out on my website, as I'll give people at least a 2 week notice when the final batch goes up for sale.
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