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Jul 9, 2019
    1. Hellion42
      Broken off at the swivel? That's a new one. I'm waiting on BBTS to get in the second set of 50th Joe 2-packs, then I can ship my loot: the entire 50th run, KFC's dino cassettes, and Ollie. So I've potentially got an entire box full of subpar toys on the way.

      I can't help but think that I'm partially an idiot.
    2. Hicks_Royel
      I've been trying to come up with a way of saying "enjoy his youth while it lasts" without sounding creepy but haven't had much luck.

      On to other things, my replacement Kronos came in. I think it's about as close to... decent as I'm going to get save for the left arm being broken off at the bicep swivel. Guess I've got to bother BBTS one more time.
    3. Hicks_Royel
      Eh, the loaders to the machining line are robots and they've very simple programming that includes pick-up and sit down... and nothing more. A part out of it's standard would result in us crashing it and creating downtime I'd rather not be responsible for.

      Eh... my nephew hasn't gotten any better with age. I guess the only accomplishment he has at this point is that he hasn't gotten some girl pregnant.
    4. Hicks_Royel
      I often found that buying toys for my nephew turned out disappointing at best. I usually had to show/force him to use his imagination instead of letting him turn to a video game to entertainment.

      We went through eight modules of raw material during a quality sort last night. 50 parts to a modules, 40 pounds each. We got to the last one when I noticed that some of the parts two of my team members had been packing were turned the wrong way when they repacked/stacked them... So then we had to repack those a second time.
    5. Hicks_Royel
      I... received exactly 1/3 of my Airburst order through Capturedprey.com today. I know not what happened to the other two I purchased.
      I also got your text about the stands. I was hip deep in 4-cylinder raw material crankshafts at the time though.
    6. Hicks_Royel
      While I don't disagree, that that's what you take from whole scenario tells me you may've failed to focus on the right portion.
    7. Hicks_Royel
      I'm gonna put a thought in your head. You ready? No? Well...:

      Arnold singing The Monkees "Believer". He's decked out in full 70's apparel, head bobbing, hip swinging, cheesy Arnold grin, Bob Barker microphone in hand. Jamming along to the trendy tone... But he doesn't know the lyrics to the whole song, just half of the first verse and then he awkwardly jumps straight into the chorus. And just repeats it over and over. Still swinging, totally into it, oblivious to the fact that he's just repeating the chorus.

      Then, in a moment of greatness, he calls in all his B-List action buddies one-by-one to join him like some awful fund raiser sing-along.

      He's all, "Stallone, you Italian Stallion, get up here and knock out this groovy tune!"
      And, "Hot damn, Van Damme drop kick these beats!"
      "Robocop Dude! Oh man, you're here too... Dead or alive, you're singing along! You see what I did there? Right? Right?"
    8. Superquad7
      :lol I'm glad you got it and I hope you like it :) It's the least I could do for all of your help :D
    9. Hicks_Royel
      That's why I bought the complete ninja turtles series. I put in a disc, set it to run and drift away by the second or third episode. When I happen to wake up for a second, I shut everything off and fall back asleep.
    10. Superquad7
      Yeah man! :lol It's a link! :D
    11. Superquad7
      There ya go, bud!
    12. Hicks_Royel
      I... I like pancakes?
    13. Hellion42
      ...$70 for Prowl. That's going to kill chances for any more MP cars. Holy shit. Sunstorm is waiting for a nice chunky coupon.

      What a crock.
    14. Hellion42
      Who shot who in the what now? We talking TRU? I haven't checked anything yet.
    15. Hicks_Royel
      Thursday, 7/24, 10:00. I reckon we'll be in the fray for MPs?

      Maybe movie turtles.
    16. Hicks_Royel
      Uh-huh. Completely understandable.
    17. Hellion42
      Very cool... didn't mean to pressure, was just curious. But I won't complain if you do get those out the door. :lol
    18. Hicks_Royel
      Phone died. But to answer your question. No. If all goes well, tomorrow, I'll post the shipping number once I have it.
    19. Hellion42
      Septic is pretty accurate. As for His Purpleness, I love Evangelion, and I'm tempted.
    20. Hicks_Royel
      Kinda proud I average less than two posts a day. This place is becoming septic.
      But hey, Purple Prime's not completely outrageous in price. That's a win.
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