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Jul 9, 2019
    1. Liokaiser
    2. Hicks_Royel
      She is literally hiding behind the tiniest of MP boxes.
    3. Hicks_Royel
      Instant road:
    4. Hicks_Royel
    5. Hicks_Royel
      Put a aisle of bunch of Target aisles rolling by in the background and you have the guy I saw yesterday morning.[IMG]
    6. Hicks_Royel
      So a clear Rhinox caught my attention on eBay and while searching the seller's other items... Look how tiny this woman is:
      I mean, she's hiding behind that MP box!
    7. Hicks_Royel
      So there's rumor going 'round that the new Exhaust preorders may be [most likely isn't] some lost inventory of pre-modified paint scheme "figgers". You know, with a proper pointed logo on the hood? Needless to say, I call dibs were there ever any chance of this being a possibility.
    8. Hicks_Royel
      Did you see the listings? I think it had FT dibots for less than twenty bucks... MP-Magnus for around the same.
    9. Hicks_Royel
      Here's something too good to be true.
    10. Hellion42
      Dunno if you got my response to that text, but... it might be time to trade the old girl in.

      And I've never known you to have "extra" anything with TFs. I'm pretty sure even all of those base-covering Exhausts aren't "extra" for you. So what's the story with Cupola? PM/text if you need to.
    11. Hicks_Royel
      To better explain the random text this afternoon. My phone died... whenever it did and I haven't bothered to charge it. Anyway, while at the storage unit this afternoon, I guess it decided to fire back up on its own and load up all six messages at once. And then proceed to tell me it was dying again.

      But, yeah, I like my grizzled Streak.
    12. Hellion42
      How did you...? And what rabbit hole are you trying to tempt me with this time? :lol
    13. Hicks_Royel
      You need a Cupola? I seem to have extras.
    14. Hellion42
      ...huh. Other than the sunken bits, it does look like Bluestreak's face though. Well there you have it. A minor variation that makes the Hasbro one worth owning. Or something.

      I wonder if the usual suspects are howling over Hasbro never ever being able to get anything right.
    15. Hicks_Royel
      Omni's inside voice.

      It's a little blurry, but you can definitely make out the cheek lines. I wanted to call it casting flaws but the lines are all but symmetrical on his face.[IMG]
    16. Hicks_Royel
      Man, some people play the victim role all too well.

      "Alas, farewell, TFW-Boards... Though it pains my very soul, I must depart this maelstrom of opinions for my skin is as frail as the autumn leaves and my heart... it beats upon my sleeve."

      If Hasbro acted like third party companies they'd've folded decades ago.
    17. Hicks_Royel
      ... Huh. Well, there you go then.

      Dude... Every hour I worked this week was either time and a half or double time.
    18. Hicks_Royel
      Given that it's Katy Perry, I'd say it's happened more than once.
    19. Hicks_Royel
      Well, perhaps... but [and then there's grunting, snorting, a little bit of the that primate showboat, strut in a semi-circle... and a solid chest slap].

      [Or, perhaps just a light touch]
    20. Hicks_Royel
      At work, we got into a conversation about nicknames that resulted in a coworker and me naming all our fellow coworkers with My Little Pony names. We came up with:
      Sunshine Bunnydust for the cancer coffin orange metro guy
      Snowflake Glitterblossom for the pasty white kid
      Periwinkle Moonbeam for the guy we thought was a pedophile
      And Dingleberry Buttercup for the idiot
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