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    1. Rijie78
    2. GinoPuppy
      just wanted to share a very recent experience I had with bbts.
      1st was with MP prowl. my prowl had two right arms. they asked be to send back the arm and they would send me the correct one. I thought it odd that they wanted it, but i sent it anyway. i realized they wanted it because the arm is still good, and they may need it in the future to help someone else. so no issue. got the right one when they sent it. great experience.
      2nd recent experience was last week. my throttle bot Trace from toyworld had an incorrectly inserted pin which made the right arm impossible to move. they quickly sent me the piece. got it today actually.

      just wished to share those experiences, as i just read about your issues with them. they might have had a bad seed handling your request.
    3. eagc7
      Given the way DOTM played out, they may have meant it (Sentinel was complicated and sold as a bot).
      thats cause he's still an Autobot
    4. eagc7
      As much as Evac would make sense I'm pretty sure they announced him as being in the robots in disguise line. We'll see.

      We've also seen a wheeljack and soundwave repaint- and a couple other repaints I think.
      Evac is a Movie character, not Prime. The RID line is a tf prime line
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