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    Feb 13, 1991 (Age: 31)
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    "Let me get on top baby!" I told him as I held onto him and rolled him onto his back and slowly grinded on top of him. His dick felt amazing inside of me while I rolled my hips while I was on top of him. His face was priceless as I grabbed his hands and rested them on my wide hips and ran my hands over his chest while I picked up the pace. He was moaning and enjoying the way I fucked him as I reached back and ran my hands between his legs and over his thighs so that I could bring him some pleasure as well. As I bounced up and down on him I ran my hands between his legs while he was getting the ride of his life and I leaned down and buried his head in my cleavage like I was trying to smother him and I could tell that he liked that.

    I might be a big girl but I wanted to show him how well I could ride a dick. I wanted him to think about me everytime his dick got hard. Everytime he wanted to eat some pussy I wanted him to think about licking my clit. I had his balls tensing up and I clamped my walls shut and refused to let his dick go as I rode it a little bit longer.

    "You like that baby! You like the way I put that pussy on you baby! You like the way I control that dick baby! You like that don't you!" I moaned as he nodded in agreement until I couldn't ride him any longer.

    "Get your pussy from the back baby." I told him as I got off of him and did a little big of a light twerk as I backed it up for him and broke it down for him a little bit as I spread my legs and reached back so that I could play with my pussy while he watched in amazement.

    "Put your dick back in here and show me what you can do with it baby." I told him as I licked my lips and showed him how badly I wanted it.

    In one quick motion I spread my cheeks and gave him the best view of my huge ass so that I could engrave a memory of me inside of his mind. I wanted to mindfuck him a little bit as I felt the heat from his huge head press against my opening. I needed him inside of me and he slowly pushed it in and pulled back out before he pushed it in a little more and a little deeper and did a couple of more times before he pushed it all the way inside of me and started pounding me.

    "OH YES BABY! POUND THE FUCK OUT OF YOUR PUSSY BABY! SHIT!" I cried out as I he hammered away at me. He was looking at me hungrily while his balls smacked up against my clit and that shit had me on another level. I don't know if I needed to be fucked and it had been that long or if he was doing something new but that dick was sending me to another dimension. He had his hands on each side of my wide hips as he continued fucking me as long and deep as he could until I couldn't control myself anymore. His dick felt like it was growing in length because I have had a lot of dick back in my day but I had never been fucked like this before! He would pull back all the way out again and shove it back inside of me with force and aggression like he wanted to take the reigns and show me who was in control! I felt a couple of hard whacks across my ass that made me yelp in pleasure because he was so forceful and aggressive with the way he was fucking me and I was loving each and every bit of it. I couldn't control myself as I dropped my head in the middle of his bed but it didn't matter because he pulled back on my hair as he hammered away at my pussy until I felt one coming back on me.

    "OH YES! FUCK! FUCK ME BABY! GIVE ME THAT DICK BABY! DON'T YOU DARE STOP FUCKING ME BABY! FUCK! OH YES BABY! I'M CUMMING BABY! I'M CUMMING BABY! OH FUCK! FUCK ME BABY! OH SHIT! OH GOD YES BABY! FUCK!" I cried out as his long rod struck thunder inside of me to the point that I was squirting on his dick and I hadn't squirted on a dick in years! His rock hard abs were toning my ass along with each spanking and I could feel his dick beginning to throb.