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May 23, 2009
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Deathsaurus - A name you can trust for peace

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Jun 28, 2023
    1. Spiderus Prime
    2. Livingdeaddan
      You're needed in the movie forum!
    3. Prime_Directive
      Small world. I went by Tyrannosaurus Aegyptiacus in those days.
    4. WilyMech
      I agree what you posted.
    5. Prime_Directive
      Are you the same GWolf who used to be active on Jurassic Park Legacy?
    6. Moy
      Hey man, I love JP1, but I doubt the new JP will compare to the first one. However, surely it'll be entertaining. I hope it's scary too.
    7. femmebotfangirl
      Fair enough lol.
    8. femmebotfangirl
      That sounds about right, it's terrible really. Thanks for your effort working that out.
    9. TFP Ratchet
      TFP Ratchet
      Humanity is a strange species.
    10. femmebotfangirl
      Yeah at the moment Arcee is the only one that touches on transgender issues really. The problem was the female spark idea could very easily start heading down the path that gender (as opposed to sex) is purely biological rather than something that usually has biological anchors but not necessarily (transgender people). Like I said the idea of a feminine spark in most fembots isn't a bad thing, the trouble would come if writers inadvertently implied or said that ONLY fembots with that spark can be fembots.

      (if anyone transgender person reads this I hope I'm explaining it correctly and if not I apologize)
    11. femmebotfangirl
      Sure, for humans gender is a cultural construct with a biological basis but even for us it's a lot more complex than men and women being born different. For sexless Transformers though there doesn't necessarily have to be. There was nothing wrong with the idea of feminine spark as I said but it was moving into potentially dangerous waters and could have led to some unintentionally transphobic elements so I think Roberts was smart to play it safe and retcon it.
    12. femmebotfangirl
      I think it could have been positive, there is nothing inherently wrong with the idea that some fembots have a distinct spark type. The trouble would be if you had ALL fembots have it and create a physical difference between TF genders. It's a complicated issue that begins to touch on transgender issues and all sorts of things so I do think Roberts made the right choice to just say there is no 'biological' difference between them.
    13. Moy
      Hollywood will never make a scientifically accurate JP after all.

      Dinosaur Nerds Are Already Mad At Jurassic World

      You know a lot more than .e about Dinosaurs, do thingd like this irk you too?
    14. Livingdeaddan
      I think any good debate has a bit of room for a bit of bear poking! ha!
    15. Moy
      So uh, apparently there is another Jurassic Park movie in the works... I thought they were done with that story.
    16. solusprime19
      nothing much...I'm broke, to be honest. just nice to hear from ya after all this time.

      so, ya see AOE?
    17. Red Goblin
      Red Goblin
      Hey, did you figure out the species of Dinosaurs that were in TF4's beginning?
    18. solusprime19
      sup? haven't spoke to you or really seen you in a while.
    19. solusprime19
      hey dude! long time no see! what been up? bones?
    20. Shadowwavepool7
      Saw you paid me a visit earlier, what's up?
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