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    1. wasp819
      dude, Im still racking my brains as to who it was in January who offered me fansproject assaulter,
      don't suppose it was you?
      or if you have him and maybe other fansproject goodies for sale/trade
      hope to hear soon..
    2. RedAlert Rescue
      RedAlert Rescue
      Did you ever answer me about the Energon weapons question ?-

      Anyway the items arrived and feedback has been left - Cybertronian Ironhide fits in nicely with the other similar mould toys so I'm glad to have got him.

      I was pleasantly surprised to find Countdown's batteries still worked - it's information like that I'm looking for when I ask about an item's condition - it's something nice to know.

      Now I just need to find a Darkwing/Darkwind TRU Exclusive to go with him.
    3. RedAlert Rescue
      RedAlert Rescue
      Did you know if you had any spare weapons of Energon Chips/stars at all - I can't remember if I asked before - I know I intended too.
    4. wasp819
      PM sent bro.
    5. Transformersdar
    6. RedAlert Rescue
      RedAlert Rescue
      Ultimate Prime is not something I'd pay much for second hand - and I'm probably going to get the Year of the Dragon one and rely on picking up a loose original one at a carboot sale sometime. I as yet do not have FE Cliff, FE Bulkhead or FE Starscream but with most of them getting reissued in October i'm hopeful the new releases will alllow the Price will be well under the current £20.00 or so for the Deluxes and £45.00+ For Bulkhead. so I don't think I'd want to pay close to that for loose ones until after the new ones come out and I see if it makes them cheaper overall or not. Besides I get more fun out of the Micron types anyway and I do already have a Micron Starscream and Skywarp.

      Experience suggests you might find a more eager buyer though.
    7. RedAlert Rescue
      RedAlert Rescue
      I had a look - I seem to have most of that your selling already - I feel like a right drip though I forgot to ask you if you had a Hasbro Ratchet before and now it's reserved.
      I will get one one day I suppose.

      Thanks for the communication but it seems we had bought pretty much the same stuff already so There's nothing on the list I don't have already except for Hercules which I can't afford at the moment.

      But thanks for taking the time to communicate with me.
    8. RedAlert Rescue
      RedAlert Rescue
      Yeah hit me up with some Third Party items... (don't pay any attention to the wants list not having much on there I had not got as far as updating that bit as I can never remember who makes what and what made up name they give half of them - without looking them up first. which I'd not done yet.

      I'm more interested in Takara FE that Hasbro ones so if any of yours are takara ones let me know please. sorry to write in public but my inbox need emptying again - i'll go do that now..
    9. RedAlert Rescue
      RedAlert Rescue
      Say leave me a visitor message when you have posted my stuff please.
    10. RedAlert Rescue
      RedAlert Rescue
      I'm quite interested in Your Big T and you HA Basic's got any pics ?
    11. RedAlert Rescue
      RedAlert Rescue
      Does B.O. have his box ?
    12. RedAlert Rescue
      RedAlert Rescue
      I owe someone some pennies for some Botcon toys this week but if you are Ok with waiting a week or so then yes please do let me know what you'd like for BO and if the price is good I'd probably take it off your paws.
    13. CZ Hazard
      CZ Hazard
      Rotorstorm Custom...I'll take him!
    14. RedAlert Rescue
      RedAlert Rescue
      My Inbox is always full even if I take most of it out it builds up far to quickly I wish they'd give you 200 Messages
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