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Jan 18, 2021
Jun 5, 2011
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Jan 18, 2021
    1. red00wolf
      yeah man that would be cool.
    2. kaijuguy19
      Sure thing. :)
    3. Tecrom Designs
      Tecrom Designs
      Hey Grunge, I was entertaining the idea of doing a small run of my fembots in the Renderforms style, cleaned, casted in resin/plastic and painted. Do you think it would fly with fans. I know a lot of folks are turned off by cleaning prints and painting the heads/body. The two that I were looking at were the second Chromia and Arcee head homages I modeled. The Chromia homage due to her being blue and the Arcee because of a recent pic portraying her in the TFP RID body with a blue helmet. See pic below. Anyway let me know. Thanks -Tecrom

    4. Tecrom Designs
      Tecrom Designs
      Very cool!! Thanks man
    5. Tecrom Designs
      Tecrom Designs
      Hey bro,

      Can you do me a favor? If not it's cool. Anyway I was hoping that, since you have several fembot heads I modeled, can you let me know what heads can be used with the Beast Hunters Arcee? Maybe create a thread with pics of them on the figure. I kind of need to know if the BH Arcee can still transform with them, as the RID Arcee does. I don't have one yet and I gave all my personal prints away at a TF show I did a while back. Thanks man!! Tecrom
    6. Tecrom Designs
      Tecrom Designs
      Yeah I saw it. The colors were striking and vibrant. Very nice!!
    7. rxlthunder
      Still, ever consider it?
    8. rxlthunder
      This is just a recommendation, but have you ever considered using proper capitalization whenever you post? It's looks a lot better.
    9. SavageThunder
      hello! how r you?
    10. SavageThunder
      hello! how r you?
    11. sto_vo_kor_2000
      thank you very much
    12. Kuma Style
      Kuma Style
      LoL, nah. Normally I'm the ONLY guy in the toy aisle over 10. :lol
    13. havanowoncheese
      ITs homebrew. That is my take on a dopplebock i made a year ago.
    14. destrongerlupus
      I'm gonna keep callin' him Big Convoy (or just Biggers, 'cause we're tight like that), but you're right that is a pretty awesome name! As for your user icon, not too many people 'round these parts likely even KNOW of Pee Sabre, so its probably a safe bet ;)
    15. destrongerlupus
      I had to befriend someone who uses Urine-Blanket-Star-Saber as their icon :lol But why rename ol' Biggers? IF he was to get an US-ified name, Colossus Prime DOES have a nice ring to it, but I don't think Neo needs to be messed with, it's about perfect as is ;)
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